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Why is San Isidro celebrated on May 15?

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East 15 th of May Madrid celebrates the feast of his patron, San Isidro, one of the biggest celebrations in the capital. Citizens go to Prairie of San Isidro to celebrate the day, but Who was San Isidro? Why is he reminded of 15 th of May?

To understand the origin of the festival, we must go back to the year 1080date on which the protagonist was born. San Isidro was a laborer and came from a humble family, but many miracles based on legends, since none of them have been confirmed so far. It is said that he could find water in rivers or underground wells. His fame grew when he died in 1130, according to the Biographical Encyclopedia Online Biographies and Lives.

In it thirteenth century he was begged for it to rain during the spring and devotion for this saint did not stop growing during the following centuries. Still without having been canonizedAlready he was prayed to and took out in procession.

Who was San Isidro?

Although there are not many biographical details of the saint, it seems that he came into the world in the bosom of a humble family shortly before the reconquest of Madrid, according to data from the Online Biographical Encyclopedia. Soon he was orphanedso the young man sought his life until finally he was hired as a farmerthat is, as a peasant or rural worker.

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When King Ali of Morocco attacked Madrid in 1110, Isidro moved to Torre Laguna, like so many others, where he continued to work and dedicate time to prayer. It was in the parish of this town where got married with a young call Mary.

The Saint worked the land granted to Juan de Vargas for him King Alfonso VI and remained a farmer until his death in 1172.

The miracles of San Isidro

However, the most peculiar thing about his life were the innumerable miracles that were attributed to him, specifically, 438 miracles, according to the official website of the San Isidro Labrador Brotherhood. We tell you some of them.

Well of San Isidro

Probably the most famous miracle is the one where saves his son Illán from death. It is said that while San Isidro was working in the field, his son fell into a deep well. When he arrived, he found his wife, Santa María de la Cabeza, desperate and lamenting what had happened. They all prayed by the well, and soon the water began to rise until the boy surfaced.

Divine help in the field

Another miracle says that San Isidro received very special help when he worked in the fields. Specifically, it is about two angels working with the oxen at the same time he prayed.

Mysterious bag of grains

One snowy day, San Isidro went to the mill with a sack of grain to feed the cattle. He saw that some birds could not eat because they could not find food in the snow, so he threw the grain he was carrying at them. When he got to the mill, he found that the grain sack was full again.

incorrupt body

San Isidro died in 1172 and went buried next to the Church of San Andrés in Madrid. Decades later, his body was exhumed, surprisingly the body was intact.

Why is San Isidro celebrated?

In congregacionsanisidro.org they say that the saint was beatified by Paul V on June 14, 1619“fixing the celebration of his feast on May 15”.

During the reign of Philip IV, It was canonized by Gregory XV. Specifically, the March 12, 1622. In the same act of canonization, the Church united this farmer and patron saint of Madrid with four other eminent saints: Teresa of Jesus, Ignatius of Loyola, Francisco Javier and Felipe Neri.

the canonized bull ‘Rationi Congruit’ was signed by Benedict XIII on June 4, 1724. The Pope John XXIII extended the patronage of San Isidro to the peasants and farmers of Spain through the declaration ‘Agriculturam’ presented in Rome on December 16, 1960. this speech spread the cult the saint “to many agricultural towns, not only in Spain, but throughout the world”.

Source: Lasexta

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