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Having trouble falling asleep? Doctors recommend the “open eyes” method

Do you have nights when you can’t fall asleep? In many cases, such problems can be easily solved by changing your habits a bit. Two proven methods that make it easier to backfill will also help. They are recommended by Dr. Daisy Mae.

What are the causes of sleep problems? Some you can easily eliminate

If you’ve been having trouble falling asleep lately, take a look at your daily routine. Then you may find that you just need to eliminate a few habits to fall asleep easily in the evening when you go to bed. What can cause insomnia? These are primarily daytime naps, irregular sleeping hours and too much alcohol or alcohol. It may turn out that falling asleep will be difficult also by eating heavy meals just before going to bed. The reason is also often a lack of physical activity or an unhealthy lifestyle. Stress also has a huge impact.

Some of these reasons are easy to eliminate, so your sleep problems should go away. However, if you still sometimes experience insomnia, use proven methods that are recommended by doctors.

You can not sleep? Try two methods recommended by doctors

Sleep problems should be consulted with a doctor who will tell you what to do when the situation becomes extremely onerous. However, if you experience insomnia only occasionally, you can try the methods recommended by Dr. Daisy Mae. One of them is open eyes:

This trick does not require much effort. After getting into bed, you must keep your eyes open as long as possible and repeat in your mind the phrase: do not fall asleep. Your eye muscles will tire quickly, and you should fall asleep within minutes.

There is also a technique that was popularized by integrative medicine specialist Dr. Andrew Weil. What is it about?

Put your tongue behind your teeth. Exhale through your nose for four seconds. Then hold your breath for seven seconds. Exhale through your mouth for the next eight seconds. Don’t worry about the strange sound that will be coming out during this time.

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