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Until recently, a symbol of kitsch, today everyone wants to have them. Collectors are able to pay a fortune for them

For several years, we have been observing a return to fashion for decorative elements straight from -u. The case is no different with the crystals popular on our grandmothers’ sideboards. Once they were a symbol of kitsch, today connoisseurs are able to pay a lot for them.

Crystals are back in fashion. Some pieces fetch staggering sums at auction

Crystal urns, bowls, vases or carafes once symbolized a certain social status. Initially, not everyone could afford them. Later, they became an inseparable element of every Polish home. They delighted with beautiful geometric shapes and forms. They were unique and original. With time, these types of ornaments began to be removed. They were considered unfashionable and associated with -em.

Crystals photo from private archive

Today they are gaining popularity and are an interesting decorative element. Against the background of modern, simple and subdued interiors, which we see in today’s catalogs of interior design magazines, crystals bring a breath of originality. If you have a box with crystals from your grandparents or parents in the basement, it is worth taking it out. Fans of this type of decorations can pay a fortune for them. Prices start from a dozen zlotys to even several hundred for the most original copies.

How to handle crystals? Above all, be careful

The crystals are delicate and break easily. They should be washed with care as the slippery surface can easily slip out of your hands. Crystals must not be placed in the dishwasher as the strong jet of water can damage the surface. They should be washed by hand with dishwashing liquid and cold water (warm water causes the glass to become dull).

Source: Gazeta


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