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She bought Magda Gessler’s faworki, which cost PLN 190 per kilo. She revealed how she assessed their taste

Many people are willing to pay more, focusing on the quality and good composition of the product. This group includes a TikTok user who decided to buy Magda Gessler’s faworki for PLN 190 per kilogram. How did you rate their taste?

What are faworki made of? Five ingredients are enough

are crispy cookies in the shape of a wrapped bow. They are deep fried and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Faworki dough consists of wheat flour, egg yolks or whole eggs, fat, a bit of spirit or vinegar, and sugar. Properly prepared, they are characterized by tenderness and delicacy in taste. Many people simply love them and are willing to pay a lot to eat them. However, there is a price barrier that not everyone is able to cross. in Magda Gessler’s confectionery they cost PLN 190 per kilogram. Is this amount too high?

Faworki from Magda Gessler cost PLN 190. Were they worth the amount?

User @AGATESTUJE_ bought Gessler faworki to see if they are worth the price. “Look at how beautiful they sparkle.” The lady in the shop said they were silver dusted he explains in the video.

The cookies, however, did not impress the tiktokers. I expected a softer dough and more crunchiness. She rated the pastries 7/10. – When it comes to food, you will not hear from me that something is too expensive, because, of course, quality costs money. However, after these faworki cakes at the price of PLN 190 per kilogram, I expected a more delicate and less compact cake. They are still good. They have a homemade taste. However, I expected something more from such a pastry shop.

Source: Gazeta


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