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Sesame Street creator Lloyd Morrisett dies at 93

Sesame Street creator Lloyd Morrisett dies at 93

Lloyd Morrisettthe co-creator of Sesame Streethas died at 93 years oldas reported to his Twitter account Sesame Workshopthe non-profit organization behind Sesame Street and “more than 50 years of award-winning television programs and other educational media for children,” as they explain on their website.

“Lloyd leaves a huge and indelible legacy among generations of children around the world, Sesame Street being the most visible tribute to a life of good work and lasting impact,” the account honored. For her part, Joan Ganz Cooney, her co-founder and close friend, has acknowledged that without him there would have been no Sesame Street.

“He was the first to come up with the idea of ​​using television to teach preschool-age children basic skills, such as letters and numbers,” he added through the entity’s account. Of the same, Sesame Workshop has recognized the work of the psychologist in the investigation of how technology could help educate children.

“A wise, thoughtful and above all kind leader of the Workshop for decades, Lloyd was fascinated by the power of technology and constantly thought of new ways in which it could be used to educate,” said the aforementioned account about the one who was its Lifetime Honorary Administrator. .

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