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Where to see the films nominated for the Oscars 2023: Netflix, HBO, cinemas…

With the emotional hangover of the nominations to the Oscars 2023 still present, many have proposed to judge the full list of nominees themselves. This implies seeing one by one the titles that have been selected by the hollywood academy. As if it were a simple task, since each of the films is on a different platform or, directly, they are still in the cinema. There are also some that, after being released on the big screen, are found on streaming web pages.

There it is – in Netflix – , for example, the film starring Ana de Armasthe actress who has been nominated along with four others – Andrea Riseborough (‘To leslie’), Michelle Yeoh (‘Everything at once, everywhere’), Michelle Williams (‘The Fabelmans‘) and Cate Blanchett (‘TÁR’) – for Best Leading Role in ‘Blonde’. The name of the Spanish-Cuban actress in the 95th Oscars It has undoubtedly been a reason for celebration for the followers of these film awards in Spain, since the four Spanish fiction short films, which were pre-nominated for the Oscars, have been left out of the final list of candidates. Maybe it’s time to choose our big bet for the prizes that are distributed next March 12, 2023 at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles.

Where to see Avatar: The Water Sense → Disney+

  • Nominations at the Oscars 2023: 4

More than 13 years after the first Avatar movie was released, the hollywood academy has decided to include the new James Cameron film in its top category, nominating it along with nine others for best movie of the year. After the first became the highest-grossing film in history, Cameron himself has recognized that the second will have to occupy, at most, the third or fourth position in that ‘ranking’ to be profitable, since it has been “fucking face”; if he doesn’t get it, it will be “worst deal ever“.

Beyond the economic and the mammoth of the project —the realization of Avatar: The Water Sense It took five years to finish, as confirmed by one of the digital composers of the feature film, Aitor Echeveste, to laSexta.com—, the second part of the story of Pandora precedes other movies of the same saga (even Cameron has slipped a few secrets about the third). While the premiere of the beginnings of Avatar took place at a time when seeing first-run movies was the exclusive business of cinema, the second part of Avatar arrives at another stage, with many more options.

  • Avatar: The Water Sense hit theaters on December 16, but is currently available on disney+.

Where to see No news at the front → Netflix

  • Nominations at the Oscars 2023: 7

the german film Malte Grunert quickly slipped into the 10 most viewed movies andon Netflix. And he has done the same in the Oscars 2023where he has been selected as a finalist in seven different categories. Among them, Best Makeup and Hairdressing, Best Sound, Best International Film, Best Photography and Best Original Band. All this with the story of a young man, Paul (Felix Kammerer), who joins the Western Front in the I World War.

Without his parents’ permission, but with the help of his friends, he manages to forge a document to enlist at the front. At first, the group of friends is excited about the idea of ​​participating in the battle, but later they end up seeing the worst side of the war, one that Erich Maria Remarque depicted in the novel that bears the same name as the finalist film.

  • No news at the front It arrived on Netflix Spain on October 28.

Where to see Banshees by Inisherin → Cinemas

  • Nominations at the Oscars 2023: 9counting that he has two different nominations for Best Supporting Actor.

Banshees by Inisherin was the movie with More Golden Globes nominations 2023 and finally won three: Best Musical or Comedy Film, Best Actor for Colin Farrell and Best Screenplay for Martin McDonagh. This history of sudden end of a friendshipthat of Padraic and Colm, has been shot in the west of Ireland. Specifically in the Aran Islands and Achill Island. Since it hasn’t hit the big screen yet, we have to settle for the trailer published by 20th Century Studios Spain and in which it is perfectly captured how one of the protagonists suddenly decides to end a years-long friendship.

  • Banshees by Inisherin It will hit theaters on February 3.

Where to see Elvis →HBO+

  • Nominations at the Oscars 2023: 8

The movie about him ‘King of Rock’, Elvis Presley, arrives at a key moment. This 2022 have been fulfilled 45 years since he passed away. So with a Austin Butler embodying the protagonist and a Tom Hanks playing the manager, the movie Baz Luhrmann traces the artist’s story from the moment he took the stage and went from being a “skinny” – as they say in the film – to a superhero. In the same way, the relationship between the musician and his representative, the loss of identity and the power of music are other strong points of this musical drama.

  • Elvis is available on HBO+.

Where to see Everything at once everywhere → Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV and Filmin, among others.

  • Nominations at the Oscars 2023: 14with a double for Best Supporting Actress

Starring michelle yeohnominated for Best Leading Actress, and Stephanie Hsunominated for Best Supporting Actress, Everything at once everywhere tells the story of a Chinese-American woman who can’t pay her taxes and finds herself caught up in a science fiction adventure. One in which she ends up inside the multiverse, from where she has to save the world.

  • Everything at once everywhere It is available on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Filmin, Microsoft Store and Google Play.

Where to see The Fabelmans → Cinemas

  • Nominations at the Oscars 2023: 7

‘The Fabelmans’ is a autobiographical drama inspired by Spielberg’s childhood and youth. This intimate review begins in 1952, from where he covers the episodes of his life that have marked his relationship with art: the relationship he had with his chaotic familyhis moves to the states of Arizona and California (USA) and the episodes of antisemitism which he suffered in his youth. In the film Spielberg shows how he relied on what was his passion, cinema, to tame your fears and heal wounds.

For now, Spielberg’s film has already conquered the Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture Drama and Best Director. We will have to wait until mid-March to see in which categories he remains an Oscar finalist.

  • The Fabelmans It is not available in Spain until February 10.

Where to see tar → cinemas

  • Nominations at the Oscars 2023: 6

its protagonist, Lydia TarHe started with the Cleveland Orchestra and continued with the Chicago and Boston Symphonies, as the film’s trailer tells. The film and theater composer also has everything under control until she begins to feel that everything is falling apart.

  • tar hits theaters on January 27.

Where to see Top Gun: Maverick → Amazon Prime Video

  • Nominations at the Oscars 2023: 6

Pete “Mavericks” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) is destined for the top gun academy to train pilots at the prestigious Navy combat weapons school. And there he flies away, as well arrived at the premiere of the remake from ‘Top Gun’. There he seeks to become the best of the best while a kelly mcgillis teaches you certain things that cannot be learned in a classroom. She will also have a very special encounter with young Lieutenant Bradley Bradshaw (Miles Teller), the son of her late friend “Goose”. With all this, Ryan Tudhope, Seth Hill, Bryan Litson and Scott R. Fisher have been in charge of creating that magic in the form of visual effectsa work that has been recognized in the 2023 Oscar nominations.

  • Top Gun: Maverick It can be seen on Amazon Prime Video since last December.

Where to see The triangle of sadness → cinemas

  • Nominations at the Oscars 2023: 3

Carl (Harris Dickinson) and granny (Charlbi Dean) embark on a luxury cruise on a $250 million yacht where wealth and social hierarchy reign supreme. Proof of this is how they teach workers to always say yes to customers, who do not hesitate to demand really ridiculous things from them. What at first seems to be an adventure to brag about on social networks (and on top of that for free because they are invited with everything paid for) ends up being a catastrophe that forces them to learn to survive on a deserted island.

  • The triangle of sadness hits theaters on February 17.

Where to see They speak → cinemas

  • Nominations at the Oscars 2023: 3

Lack of love breeds violence. This is how the trailer begins They speaka film that collects the story of a group of women who is torn between fleeing from that religious colony that has hurt them so much – after a series of sexual assaults committed – or forgiving. This story of hope and freedom He also talks about faith and the voices of women who want to be heard in time.

  • They speak hits theaters on February 17.

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