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Wojciech Mann celebrates his 75th birthday, but does not plan to retire. “I’ll stick to work with my claws”

Today he celebrates his 75th birthday. As one of the most outstanding music journalists in Poland, he is considered an undisputed legend of radio and television. Over the years of his career, he has become known as an extremely honest and direct person, and his bold statements often ended in scandal. What is the presenter doing now?

Recognizable voice and unique appearance. He left the radio “Trójka” in an atmosphere of scandal

Before Wojciech Mann appeared on the screen, viewers already knew his voice. For years, he dubbed voice-overs in documentaries about the history of popular music. He won the sympathy of the viewers as the host of the popular music program “Chance for Success”, which he ran for less than 20 years. The audience loved him for his charming personality and unusual sense of humor. – As an official reason, which can be accepted or not, I gave that Jan Paweł Woronicz appeared to me in a dream and said to me “it’s time” and I listened to him – after leaving the cult show.

Mann is also the author of song lyrics for many excellent Polish performers. He created for Zbigniew Wodecki, Urszula Sipińska and Anna Jantar. Over the years of his professional activity, he wrote e.g. for “Gazeta Wyborcza”, “Elle” and “Polityka” magazine. Television viewers could watch his actions in “Za moment continuation of the program” and in the television talk show “MdM”, which he founded in cooperation with Krzysztof Materna.

He also has over 50 years of experience in , which he said goodbye to in 2020 in an atmosphere of scandal. “Three are no more.” It was trampled, destroyed and run over by a primitive cylinder. The building is standing, there is a neon sign hanging, maybe even lit. But there is no Three. That is why I can wish all the media in Poland that the oppressive, hopeless, blunt, propaganda power will disappear. And then we will see whether it is possible to rebuild something that will have the class and format of the media they have built on the rubble of this crap, packing this disgusting propaganda everywhere – said the embittered Mann.

Wojciech Mann is 75 years old. The journalist plans to remain professionally active

Wojciech Mann celebrates his 75th birthday today, but despite his age, he is in great shape and does not intend to suspend his professional activity. – I will stick to work with my claws as long as I can – said recently a journalist who, after leaving the “Trójka” radio station, became a co-founder of . He works in the editorial office to this day, running programs such as “Morning Manna”, “Manniak po macku” and “Mausoleum”.

Not much is known about Mann’s private life, because the presenter does not talk much about his family in the media. It is known that the journalist has two unsuccessful marriages behind him, and he found happiness at the turn of the 80s and 90s with Ewa Bańska, 23 years younger. Despite the significant age difference, which has long been controversial, the couple creates a harmonious relationship, and the fruit of their love is their son, Marcin Mann. The man is now 32 years old and, like his father, is engaged in music journalism.

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Source: Gazeta


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