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Karolina Gilon lost 15 kg. She showed photos of “this is too fat!!!”. Fans do not hide their surprise

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Karolina Gilon is currently one of the most recognizable Polish presenters. She is also a model and celebrity

Karolina Gilon comes from Mrągowo. She began her adventure with television by appearing in a program Style operation.

I got sucked into this program, I didn’t know what it was going to be about

– explain.

I thought it was going to be a simple metamorphosis. They put a wig on my head, dressed me in clothes I would never wear in my life. I made a fool of myself, but it was funny.

Her real television debut was appearing in the series Rich love. However, she gained recognition thanks to taking part in the program Top model. Become a model. Even though the jury had reservations about her feminine shapes and tattoos, the woman took 4th place in the program.

In 2016, she hosted her first show DeFacto in TTV and a year later she became the host of the program Second Facein which she helped the participants in the metamorphosis of their appearance. In 2019, she became the host of the program Love Island. Love Island. Karolina Gilon was also one of the hosts New Year’s Eve with Polsat.

Some time ago, on her Instagram account, the celebrity shared with her fans that she had lost 15 kg

Her Instagram profile is followed by over half a million fans. Some time ago, the celebrity published a video with the description:

Hahahahahahahahaha this is gross!!!!! Oh, the road was long and winding, but you know what? I love every moment of my life! Regardless of what I looked like 🙂 with the rest.. fashion was different, right?

Surprised fans immediately began commenting on the post:

Karolina, say what you want, but you always looked ok. Not fat.

A lifetime of beauty, even from those “embarrassing” times

Beautiful in every aspect…

Karolina Gilon talked about how she keeps fit

In an interview with a magazine party, Gilon talked about how she keeps fit:

I take better care of myself. I train a lot with my trainer Gosia, I also eat healthy, take supplements, I care about such a balance in my life. I also have my beloved doctor, whom I often go to. I take care of my complexion, I take care of my face to make it all aesthetic. It’s just taking care of yourself. One that every woman should use

she stressed.

Gilon was also asked if she was ashamed of her “old self” looking at archival photos. However, she confessed that she has a great distance to it and looks at her former face with a smile.

I recently even posted a roll with my old photos on Insta and I just have a huge distance to it. I smile a lot at these photos, how much I have changed and in general I respect that I managed to do so. I would never want to go back to those years. […] My friends are experiencing that they are thirty something, and I’m so excited because I feel the best now, so I wouldn’t want to go back to the past – she admitted.

Source: Party

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