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Put it in shampoo instead of tea. Home remedy for falling out hair. It will nourish and strengthen them

Falling out, brittle and weakened hair is a problem for many people. To remedy this, we usually reach for specialized cosmetics from stores. Unfortunately, it happens that a given cosmetic weakens the bulbs or, even worse, irritates our skin. Home remedies come to the rescue. We suggest how to strengthen hair using a product that everyone has in the kitchen cupboard.

Why do hair fall out? See how to prevent it

There are several reasons for excessive hair loss – improper diet, external factors, too little sleep, stress or deficiency. The problem can also have a health background, such as problems with hormones, thyroid, anemia or diabetes. Poorly cared for hair can also be prone to falling out. Incorrectly selected cosmetics, dyeing or bleaching, too frequent drying or the use of strong styling preparations. To deal with the problem, it is worth using home remedies to improve the condition of the hair. One of them is very simple and brings great results.

Add this product to your shampoo. Homemade scalp scrub

We all have sugar in our kitchen. We usually use it to sweeten tea or coffee, but it turns out that we should also use it for hair care. It works like a natural peeling. Just add three teaspoons of sugar to your shampoo and wash your head. It is a home remedy to improve blood circulation and cleanse the scalp and to stimulate the bulbs to grow. It is worth using sugar on your hair at least every two or three washes.

Source: Gazeta


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