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She wanted to be a star, and she was being lynched for something that didn’t happen. Maja Frykowska about “Big Brother”

– What can I say. I became a precursor in breaking taboos in this country of my time, but I do not regret it. If it wasn’t for all these situations and experiences, I wouldn’t be where I am now. – said Frykowska in an interview with Wiktor Krajewski from the Gossip portal. For years, she had to face hate, but she admits that today she is a stronger person thanks to it.

Scandal from “Big Brother”. Agnieszka “Frytka” Frykowska and a loud affair with “Ken”

When she began her career in show business, her name was Agnieszka. She decided to take part in the first Polish edition of the program “”, but going to the show, she certainly did not expect such fame. The media wrote about her relationship with Łukasz “Ken” Wiewiórski, and the situation with the jacuzzi was particularly popular. The portals reported that there was a rapprochement between the couple, but as it turned out years later, the reality was different.

“Frytka” faced unfavorable comments and the label of a scandalist. – People called me prostitutes, and I couldn’t even defend myself – as a guest of “Dzień Dobry TVN”. “I fell into depression and plunged even deeper into drugs. I was high all the time. she added.

Viewers could see Frykowska later in the “Bar” program on Polsat. She even received her show “Przystanek Alaska” on Polsat Play and had an episode with movies. In 2010, she decided to change her name to Maja and completely changed her life. God and faith began to play a large role in her life. She married Michał Brzeziński, a businessman five years her junior, and in 2015 gave birth to a daughter. Three years later, she published the book Overcome Yourself, in which she described her transformation.

Maja then disappeared from show business to return in July 2022 with the information that she graduated from the Lodz Film School and became a producer.

Maja Frykowska mentions “Big Brother” in an interview with Gossip. Would she attend it again?

Maja does not hide that “Frytka” is the past, but she does not want to erase it from her life. – This transformation of mine, conversion, changed my perception of the world, my life priorities. This can be an encouragement for those people who have been going through life vicissitudes somewhere. Suddenly it turns out that you can change your life however you want. (…) What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger and there’s something about it. I am not a person who gives up. I just brush myself off and move on. Today I have such a comfortable situation that I do everything on my terms and I don’t have to pretend anything. she confessed.

She admitted that she never hid from show business because she “loves to be in sight and likes to be in the spotlight”. However, her life situation has changed. I became a mother, I became a wife. (…) Suddenly you realize that you have to be responsible not only for yourself, but also for other people.

In an interview with Gossip, she also referred to her participation in the “Big Brother” program. – I’m very far from it at the moment. There was a moment when I couldn’t take this distance to the way I was being lynched for something that never happened. (…) I entered [do programu – przyp. red.] In order to be successful professionally, I wanted to be a star. I didn’t think it would turn out the way it did and no one gave me support then.

Again, she would not take part in “Big Broher” or any other reality show. – I am real, every incarnation of me at that time was real. The truth is the most important thing in life. (…) People have respect for me, but I think it also results from the fact that I respect everyone.

You can listen to the entire conversation below.

Source: Gazeta


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