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Doda divided the fans with a bold styling.  “Queen of trash and profanity”, “Firecracker”

Doda divided the fans with a bold styling. “Queen of trash and profanity”, “Firecracker”

Doda has been one of the most popular women in Polish show business for years. She is followed by over 1.5 million people on Instagram, with whom she shares various moments from her professional and private life. Since the beginning of her career, Doda has undergone a significant image metamorphosis and has been constantly impressing with her appearance for several years. There is no doubt that for many people he is a role model and inspiration. Sometimes, however, her styling choices can arouse extreme emotions among fans.

Will add in a bold styling. Fans can’t take their eyes off: “But you have a figure”

Doda was recently a guest in the program “Chance for Success”. She shared a photo and a short video on her Instagram profile. – Greetings from the “chance of success” studio 😀 😀 😀 I was a guest for the first time in 2005, then in 2010 and after 13 years I have this honor again – she wrote under the photo. However, the most emotions among Internet users and Internet users aroused the recording, which shows Doda’s stylization in all its glory. This time, the star opted for tight-fitting legs, high-waisted black leggings, a top in the same color, and a short jacket in an intense yellow shade, matching gloves and a handbag. “I like going back to where I’ve been,” she added in the description.

There were many comments from fans and fans under the post:

At first I thought it was a follow up to Dżaga

You look great

Queen of trash and vulgarity

How can anyone like that

Jaga!!! I remember. The good old days. Even the movements in the same place have stayed the same for you

Razor waist!

Divine as always


I pitole, but the figure

Omg what a figure!!! How to do it?

– we read.

How does Doda take care of her figure?

Doda admits that healthy eating combined with physical activity is behind her great shape. – I haven’t eaten sugar for 15 years, dairy products for over 6 years. At the turn of the decade, my figure changed many times, and although I’ve always been fit, I’ve never been as happy with it as I am now. Self-discipline, hygiene of life, effort, consistency is something that I just like. It doesn’t give me satisfaction when I eat fast food, it gives me satisfaction when I don’t – she once wrote on Instagram. – With the right food, I cured many of my health problems, despite the fact that pharmaceuticals were pressed as the only way out. Good eating habits can work wonders. My father instilled them in me since I was a child, and then as an adult I nurtured them and appreciated this gift with each passing year – she admitted in another post.

Source: Gazeta

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