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64-year-old Grażyna Wolszczak speaks directly about her retirement.  “I will not cry in the media”

64-year-old Grażyna Wolszczak speaks directly about her retirement. “I will not cry in the media”

for 20 years he has been appearing in the popular TV series, and also manages the Garnizon Sztuki theater. Although the actress will turn 65 this year, she does not think about ending her career. In a recent interview, she talked about her attitude towards retirement benefits and admitted that she had secured herself financially for the future.

Grażyna Wolszczak secured herself financially. The actress does not trust ZUS

In an interview with the portal, Grażyna Wolszczak confessed that she did not trust the pension system in Poland. Instead of paying ZUS contributions, she decided to manage the money herself so as not to have to worry about her fate when she decides to quit her job. “I’ve always been very reasonable.” It has been said for several decades that the pension system in Poland must collapse sooner or later, so I decided not to rely on it and tried to secure my pension myself – she admitted in an interview, adding that although some of her investments were not successful, she nevertheless managed to collect enough funds that she thinks calmly about the future.

The actress also decided to comment on the arguments of other artists who complain about the amount of their pensions in the media. She confessed that although she herself is resourceful and wisely invests money, she understands that others do not have such skills and because of this they found themselves in a bad financial situation. – I will not cry in the media, but not everyone is so resourceful, so I understand and sympathize with those who cry in the media or in the pillow, because you can not have some imagination at a certain age, or you can’t organize it all. I am resourceful,” said the actress.

Wolszczak did not write a will. She revealed the reason

The reporter also asked about Wolszczak’s attitude to the will. The actress confessed that although in her situation it is not necessary to prepare a document, she believes that in other cases it is worth preparing it in advance. The artist has never formalized a relationship with her long-term partner, so her son remains her only heir. – I have one son and my situation is clear, Harasimowicz and I are separated in property and we are not married, but I think it’s worth it anyway – said Grażyna Wolszczak.

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