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“This woman is the clear example that dreams come true,” says Alejandra Jaramillo de Nayelhi González, Miss Ecuador 2022

“This woman is the clear example that dreams come true,” says Alejandra Jaramillo de Nayelhi González, Miss Ecuador 2022

There is little left for the great Miss Universe 2022 pageant in New Orleans, United States. The candidates should feel on the surface, but as he said nayelhi gonzalez to this Diary, this sensation is brought down by desire, faith and preparation. And it is that the Miss Ecuador 2022 He has not stopped surprising with his opinions, in which he has shown to lead a band with strength and a lot of authenticity, something that has aroused the pride of his compatriot Alexandra Jaramillo.

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“I am filled with pride because Nayelhi is not only our Miss Ecuador, but she is also my namesake and above all it fills me with more pride because she is a representative of my green province of Esmeraldas”, Jaramillo expressed in Sit who can program in which she is one of the panelists.

“This woman is the clear example that dreams come true, with that fresh personality, with that dreamy spirit…”, the Ecuadorian, based in the United States, delimited.

Beyond its beauty, Jaramillo highlighted his ‘Chicos Diamantes’ project, the same one that seeks to make visible the talent of all young people from Esmeralda and throughout the country. “I think she is a very brave, very praiseworthy woman”narrowed.

In an interview with lucho borregoGonzález also referred to his compatriot. “Alejandra Jaramillo is one of those reasons why one can say I feel proud to be Ecuadorian and applaud everything she is doing in other lands and leave high that flag that we love so much”, express.

In her conversation with Borrego, Miss Ecuador said that “This band has to be much stronger to be able to empower many girls in all kinds of situations.”

Meanwhile, the celebrity journalist highlighted his willingness to always carry his nursing kit to help other people and his way of expressing himself. “I have spoken twice with her and I am surprised at how well prepared she is…”

“Apart from the fact that your compatriot, Ale, is beautiful, we are seeing a woman with a well-furnished head, super intelligent, and who has all the chances of winning like any other”, added by his side Alex Rodriguezalso a panelist. (YO)

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