Kasia Bosacka draws attention to the new practices of food producers. “It happens all the time”

Kasia Bosacka draws attention to the new practices of food producers. “It happens all the time”

Katarzyna Bosacka has been advising Poles on how to eat healthier for years. The journalist convinces us all to pay attention to the labels that are on the packaging of products. There is no denying that sometimes it is worth spending a few more moments in the store, because sometimes it happens that products that seem healthy are not. This time, he draws attention to the new practices of food producers, which we will not necessarily like. Listen for yourself.

Katarzyna Bosacka: “It happens all the time”

– “Not only do we have high prices in stores, but we have a huge problem with the fact that producers reduce the weight of products. This happens frequently” – says Katarzyna Bosacka. What does this mean in practice?

Chocolate, which has 100 grams in a bar, is practically unheard of anymore. Yoghurts, drinks, mayonnaises are reduced. Everything actually gets smaller. It’s worth paying attention to.

Boska explains.

In the further part of the material, she tells a story where one of her observers wanted to prepare jelly as usual, but as it turned out, the product was not for the standard 500 ml of water, but 375 ml, so her jelly spilled like a puddle.

The truth is that many of us, when buying our favorite products, do not pay attention to whether their grammage has changed or not.

What should we pay attention to when shopping?

It turns out that when shopping, we should pay attention not only to the composition of the products, but also the price per kilogram or the price per piece. Thanks to this, we are able to really do a lot. Katarzyna Bosacka gives rice in bags as an example, the grammage of which has also changed. Usually one bag was 100 grams, now it’s around 70-80 grams. Although we will pay less for a package with four bags than for a kilogram package of rice, it is ultimately more profitable to buy a kilogram product.

Do you notice it in stores?

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Source: Gazeta