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The Spanish brand Sita Murt will be in the wardrobe of “And just like that”

The Spanish brand Sita Murt will be in the wardrobe of “And just like that”

The Spanish fashion brand Sita Murt will be in the closet for the second season of “And just like that”, the sequel to “Sex and The City”, according to the company’s CEO, Montserrat Figueras.

Figueras, who bought the company last year, participated in the first day of the FashionLAB Market event in New York, a specialized fair for the fashion sector aimed at wholesale buyers and stores in the United States, where he communicated the news to his clients.

The businesswoman explained that the series’ stylist, who has been very popular among fashion lovers for years, has selected four garments from her spring-summer 2023 collection for the character of Nya Wallace, teacher and friend of one of the protagonists, Miranda Hobbes.

“They confirmed that they had selected them and that they put them in the closet”added Figueras, who hopes that the pieces, including a sleeveless yellow knit top with an opening in the back, will be used during filming and anticipate a significant sales impact.

In addition, Sita Murt has proposed other garments from the collection to the series team and it is possible that Miranda herself has this brand in her wardrobe, perhaps even some other character.

Figueres indicated that she is focused on “repositioning the strategy” related to the knitwear, which she considers the “DNA” of the company, and that the interest of “And just like that” for her clothes is the result of her efforts to promote and move her product in the markets.

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