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Gasoline today in Peru: what is the price for today, Friday, April 1, at the taps

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The gasohol pricesLPG, diesel, oil and the gas balloon have increased in the country, especially in Lima and Callao due to the rise in the international cost of Petroleum by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, a situation that affects Peruvians. Find out how much it costs today, Friday, April 1, and where to find the lowest prices to buy fuel in Lima.

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Next, we share the gasoline pricesgasohol, diesel, vehicular natural gas (NGV) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) for domestic use (10-kilogram balloon) according to data from the Facilito platform of the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin).

How much is gasoline today, Friday April 1?

In accordance with I facilitatethis Friday, April 1, the price of a gallon of 84 gasohol octane ranges between S/ 1.56 to S/ 19.69 in the districts of Lima. In this sense, the lowest price is recorded at a tap in Chorrillos, where the amount of this fuel amounts to S/ 1.56 per gallon. While, the highest amount is observed in the district of Carabayllo with S / 19.69.

With respect to gasohol 90 octane, the price per gallon fluctuates between S/ 12.89 and S/ 19.48 at taps throughout the capital. In Miraflores and San Isidro this resource has the highest prices. On the other hand, the lowest costs are recorded in Carabayllo.

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As for the amount of gasohol 95 octane has a range that varies between S/ 13 and S/ 23.69. For his part, the gasohol from 97 octane has amounts ranging from S/ 19.90 to S/ 24.69.

What is the price of oil (diesel) today, Friday, April 1?

The price of diesel DB5 S-50 for today, Friday, April 1, it varies between S/ 11.19 and S/ 21.77. The lowest value was recorded in a faucet in the district of Carabayllo, while the highest amount was observed in the Center of Lima.

What is the price of domestic gas?

LPG or better known as balloon domestic gas of 10 kilograms presents a cost that goes from S/ 47 to S/ 67.90 in the capital this Friday, April 1. The districts with the highest rates are Surquillo, Pachacamac, Santiago de Surco and Ate. On the other hand, the lowest costs are in the areas of Villa María del Triunfo, Rímac and San Juan de Lurigancho.

What is the price of natural gas for vehicles (CNV)?

The price of vehicular natural gas (CNG) fluctuates between S/ 1.35 and S/ 2.54 per cubic meter. The districts with the lowest CNG prices are San Miguel, Ate, Lurigancho and Breña.

Source: Larepublica

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