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Dollar price LIVE: exchange rate today, Tuesday, November 2 for buying and selling

Find out the price of the dollar in Peru today, Tuesday, November 2, 2021, for buying and selling in the parallel market. The current price of the US currency occurs in the midst of a context in which Congressmen Jorge Montoya and Alejandro Muñante presented a motion on the agenda before Congress to urge the President of the Republic, Pedro Castillo, to withdraw from the position of Minister from the Interior to Luis Barranzuela, who was caught by the media participating in a party, despite the fact that days ago his office ordered that the meetings were prohibited. This, with the aim of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Likewise, in the economic sphere, Antamina announced the suspension of its operations, in the midst of the indefinite strike that a group of residents of the rural community of Aquia, a district located in the province of Bolognesi, in Áncash, abide by, which has implied the seizure of one of the routes of the mining corridor.

Live: Price of the dollar minute by minute

What is the exchange rate?

We use the exchange rate, which is the price of one country’s currency (currency) in terms of another, to change a currency. It is also known as the exchange rate in other countries.

Why is the exchange rate important?

Knowing the exchange rate or exchange rate helps us to know how many units of national currency must be paid to obtain a foreign currency. For example, in Peru, to obtain one dollar, approximately three and ninety soles must be delivered.


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