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Carlos Monteza: “Stability is needed for negotiations to take their course in Chavimochic”

Carlos Monteza: “Stability is needed for negotiations to take their course in Chavimochic”

Lawyer Carlos Monteza, an expert in infrastructure, water and agriculture, told La República that the negotiations between the grantor (the State) and the concessionaire, to achieve the unlocking of the Chavimochic works, were opportune, but now they need stability from all the parts. In addition, due to the times established in the addendum, the objectives must be clear. This, to complete the Palo Redondo dam or save the entire III Stage of this megaproject.

“It is important that the parties have started the negotiations, but due to the time that has been established, 60 business days and with a possible extension of 30 more days, it must be clear if it is only necessary to complete the dam by the concessionaire and end the concession there or look for another to complete the other works. Or (see) if the current company would complete everything as established in the contract, which is the main channel to the pampas of Urricapi in Paiján”, said the specialist.

“This, because for it to be viable, a preliminary project needs to be prepared and then the reports have to go through state institutions such as ProInversión, the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and have the endorsement of the Office of the Comptroller of the Republic. For this reason, in this addendum, everything must be made clear by both parties,” added Monteza.

The lawyer argues that, for him, in these deadlines established by both parties, the restart of the dam is being prioritized.

“The analysis of the behavior of both parties in this negotiation suggests that the most viable thing now is for the concessionaire to complete the Palo Redondo dam and set the deadline just for it. Then, that it be operated by a private company with all the modernity that has been seen in other projects. That is a very personal opinion because it can also be in the face of the interest of both parties in pointing out that the entire project is going to be saved. All the political will is already required there, which would not be bad because the Chicama valley also requires these waters to arrive. But it will depend on whether the State achieves the total delivery of the land through which the mother canal would pass.”, he detailed.

The Republic organized a webinar where it detailed everything related to the future of Chavimochic. Photo: Capture LR

political noise

Monteza also argued that tranquility is important for the closing of negotiations. Along these lines, he assured that this will also depend on being on the lookout for what may happen with the political noise that has been taking place lately in the Executive and Legislative branches.

“If everything is on track, we are fine because it will be for the benefit of the country. We all win with the implementation of this megaproject, what is least needed is to have a political noise, which can end up damaging the agreements that are taken, confrontations in the Executive and Legislative could harm. (In addition, it could affect) a cabinet change or the departure of the head of Agriculture. All this is very sensitive and affects the negotiations, ”he indicated.

Source: Larepublica

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