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Chavimochic: agro-industrialists from La Libertad expectant with unlocking of the third stage

Chavimochic: agro-industrialists from La Libertad expectant with unlocking of the third stage

With information from Yolanda Goicochea of ​​URPI-LR

After the signing of the Government, represented by the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), in the agreement with the concessionaire Chavimochic SAC, where both parties request the Arbitration Court to suspend the award, which will lead to the unblocking of the works of this hydrological megaproject that has been paralyzed since December 2016, the agro-industrialists are expectant of what the commission that will be in charge of restarting the construction of round stick.

Yuri Armas, member of the board of directors of the Association for Sustainable Agricultural Development (ADAS), spoke with URPI of La República about his position in the event of an eventual unlocking of Chavimochic III.

We hope that this commission proposes an addendum that basically plans the update of costs, start date and end date. A situational study of the dam will have to be done, how much remains to be built and set deadlines, beyond the legal procedures that can be the most cumbersome, but are the easiest to overcome if there is good willArms said.

The representative of ADAS also referred to the fact that a proposal must be made to transfer the waters of the Santa River that are captured from Palo Redondo (336,000 cubic milliliters) to the Pampas de Urricape in Paiján, whose land has not yet been cleaned up by the Government. and it was what led to international arbitration by the concessionaire.

The governor’s proposal is fundamentally that the dam be executed and then a new engineering vision must be made in order to change the layout of the mother channel. From our point of view, it should not be an open pit, it should be a large-diameter pipe buried in the subsoil so that it can carry the pressurized water to Urricape.”, he detailed.

The Republic a few weeks ago organized a webinar where projections of the future of Chavimochic were shown. Photo: Capture LR

more employment

“The restart of the works will generate employment and we are going to have payroll payments of around S/ 6,500 million per year, which is the budget of the La Libertad region each year, the agribusiness companies plan to invest 3,000 million dollars in the more than 18,000 hectares of Chavimochic”, said Yuri Armas.

In addition, this will help Peru position itself as the leading exporter of fresh food. “We agro-industrialists are going to guarantee sustainability in the time of production and that they are in the various international markets, the benefit we obtain is that small and medium-sized farmers become part of the great export chainArms said.

It must be taken into account that in the first and second stages there are 25,000 hectares in production. Photo: The Republic

Source: Larepublica

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