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More fuels to the Stabilization Fund

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The Executive announced that it will include 84-octane gasohol, as well as 84- and 90-octane gasoline, 2 S-50 diesel and bulk LPG (intended for taxi drivers) in the Petroleum Derived Fuel Price Stabilization Fund ( FEPC), in order to stop the international escalation of fuels that affects our country.

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It is important to indicate that This mechanism does not reduce prices, but it does prevent further spikes in final consumer prices. in the face of the volatility of the international context. Just yesterday, WTI oil closed at almost US$115 a barrel, when at the end of 2021 it stood at US$75.

“Through the FEPC, we are adding fuels that are widely used by lower-income segments, such as 84-octane gasoline, 90-octane gasoline, and 84-octane gasohol. This will be for three months and then we will evaluate its continuity.”explained the Minister of Economy and Finance, oscar graham.

Likewise, the head of the MEF said that he will delay the updating of the price band for diesel (used by transport) for a month, which should mark a rise of at least S / 1 per gallon sold to carriers in March. “We are postponing the update of the price band for diesel from FEPC until the end of April, because if we update it to March it would have meant an abrupt increase of up to S/ 1 per gallon,” he said.

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This latest announcement comes within the framework of protests by carriers in the southern region, such as the one registered yesterday in Puno against the rise in fuel prices and the high cost of basic necessities.

FISE voucher will be S/ 25

Minister Graham also announced that the Vale FISE (discount on the purchase of the 10-kilo gas balloon) will go from S/ 20 to S/ 25, with the aim of reaching 800,000 new homes, affected by inflation and rising prices. of the main cooking supply. In addition, The Executive will modify the band update methodology for LPG, increasing it by 3.5% temporarily.

The data

Balance. It was also approved to extend until April 30 the deadline for microfinance institutions to take advantage of the Patrimonial Strengthening Program. In addition, the relaxation of the capital ratio used by companies in the financial system is extended until March 2023.

Measure. Energy prices have risen considerably, but could rise even more.

Source: Larepublica

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