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Mining corridor community paid more than S / 2 million for legal advice

The resolution issued by Judge Andrés Flores Aguilar of the mixed court of Tambobamba ordered the seizure in the form of withholding of S / 2 million 320,000 from the current account of the rural community of Arcospampa Congota (Apurímac) in favor of the company Consultores y Ejeores Yaku Sociedad Anónima Cerrada and E Yaku SAC, owned by the lawyer Jorge Chávez Sotelo.

Jorge Chávez Sotelo, Together with his brother Frank, they have been investigated for the alleged crime of extortion since 2019.

The Chávez Sotelo brothers, according to a protected witness in that case, ordered community leaders to block roads, encouraged confrontations with the police, and incited violence through telephone calls.

Jorge Chávez Sotelo faces this process in freedom and has managed to seize more than two million of the account of the Arcospampa Congota community alleging that he was not paid his advisory fees in the conflict with the mining company MMG Las Bambas.


The community of Arcospampa (Apurímac) had several claims against the mining company MMG Las Bambas.

The main one, they accused the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) of converting the mining corridor into a national highway. Without authorization or consent, they used their communal lands for the MMG Las Bambas company to transport mineral in encapsulated carts.

To compensate for the damage, the MTC paid S / 5 million 800,000 to the community for the land in question and what happened was that a court order withheld 40% of the amount because Jorge Chávez Sotelo’s company claimed it as payment for consultancies. to the community of Arcospampa Congota.

The community members say they feel cheated since what is transferred by the MTC is not due to any action taken by the lawyers. They accuse the former management of this damaging deal.

According to the resolution of Judge Andrés Flores Aguilar, on May 16, 2017, Jorge Chávez Sotelo and the then president of the Arcospampa Congota community, Atilio Córdova, signed a contract to advise the community and thus achieve financial compensation from of the company MMG Las Bambas. In exchange for these services, the community would pay 40% of what the mining company pays.

The current sector president of the community, Efraín Sotelo, denies that the community has authorized the deal with this company. They claim that they saw them only once, but they never supported them in their demands.

Víctor Limaypuma, president of the Cotabambas Defense Front, claims that it is a scam. “We are going to ask the anti-corruption prosecutor’s office and the organized crime police to act,” he mentioned.

They charge advisory fees

The reason for the embargo would be for failing to pay advisory fees in the conflict with the mining company MMG Las Bambas.

The current president of the community denies that they have authorized the deal. It states that previous directives would have demanded a gift in exchange for these contracts.

They denounce that they are scams, since another community –Pumamarca and Coquecca– also paid 30% of what was transferred by the MTC to Chávez Sotelo’s company.


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