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Produces: sales in the retail sector increased by 20.9% compared to pre-pandemic levels

The Ministry of Production (Produce) announced that during August of this year the retail sales of the retail sector reached the S / 3,924 million in the current year 2021. This means an increase in 20,9% compared to August 2019, a year without a pandemic.

José Incio Sánchez, head of Produce, highlighted that these results exceeded pre-pandemic levels and they were influenced by the greater opening of economic activities and the increase in household consumption in the face of better offers and promotions in stores.


It also reported that for six months the results were positive and that the activities that grew the most were department stores, hardware stores and finishes.

Incio Sánchez pointed out that the domestic trade sector generates more than 111,000 jobs, representing the women 54.1% of the total work generated in this area. Likewise, permanent staff represents 79.9% of the total employment generated by this segment.

Increase in different sectors

According to Produce General Office for Impact Assessment and Economic Studies, sales in August 2021 of department stores grew 50.1%. This represents higher sales in clothing and footwear (76.0%), furniture (25.0%) and household items (24.5%), through physical and online channels that offered discount offers 50% and 2×1.


The construction sector was the one with the highest demand in terms of the activity of hardware stores. Sales increased 30.8%. Regarding supermarkets and hypermarkets, there was an advance of 6.3% due to an increase in sales in food (5.7%), beverages and tobacco (25.2%), household items (2.3%) , and pharmaceuticals and cosmetics (19.3%).

Likewise, sales of the activity of books, newspapers and stationery, for the fourth consecutive month, they posted a positive performance and grew 4.7%. This result was due to the increase in demand for bookstore products, mainly from the education sector, productive activities and the public sector.

Lastly, the placements of products from the activity of household equipment increased by 7.6%, as a result of the higher demand for the line of household items (7.5%), the increase in the line of furniture (61.3%) and various products (5.7%) .


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