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LIVE exchange rate: look at the Dollar TODAY, Tuesday, March 15

LIVE exchange rate: look at the Dollar TODAY, Tuesday, March 15

check the price of the dollar in Peru today, Tuesday, March 15, 2022. The greenback started the session with a value of S / 3.7333, according to the portal Bloomberg. The day before, Monday March 14, the american currency closed higher with a price of S / 3.7330, reported the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP). This after Congress admitted to debate the second vacancy motion presented against Pedro Castillo.

As for the parallel exchange rate, this can be found at S/ 3,710 for the purchase and S/ 3,745 for the sale. US$ 303 million were traded in the market at an average price of S/3.7140 last Monday. According to the manager of Economic Studies of the Central Reserve Bank, the growth of the economy in February went according to expectations. On the other hand, the Lima Stock Exchange (BVL) closed on Monday 14 with losses in its main indices: 13 indicators in red and only one in green.

The price of diesel rose to S/ 1.98 despite being subsidized. According to user reports collected by La República at different points of Metropolitan Lima, this fuel grew between S/ 0.25 and S/ 1.98 during the last week. According to former Vice Minister of Energy Pedro Gamio, the increase in diesel it is because the Price Stabilization Fund (FEPC) it is not fulfilling its proposed objective and the subsidy “stays in the chain of intermediaries”.

Betsy ChavezMinister of Labor and Employment Promotion (MTPE), signed together with Peter Castillo a decree at the end of February that modified the regulations of the labor outsourcing law. This to eliminate it only in the business centers of the companies. the owner of the Ministry of Production (Produce), Jorge Pradonoted the controversy within the Executive, as he announced “some adjustments” to the regulations.

Live: Dollar, latest news for March 15, 2022

Oil price falls by more than 7%

Oil prices continue to fall in trading on Tuesday. WTI crude, a benchmark for America, fell 0.7.12% or US$95.89 at 8:28 am; while Brent del Mar fell -7.24% and reached US$99.66.

Source: Larepublica

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