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Exchange rate in Peru: how much is it trading today, Monday, March 14, 2022

Exchange rate in Peru: how much is it trading today, Monday, March 14, 2022

The price of the dollar in Peru today, Monday, March 14, is located at S/ 3.7043, according to the Bloomberg portal. Likewise, in the parallel market, the green ticket is obtained at S/ 3,690 for the purchase and S/ 3,730 for the sale. The day of the last Friday, March 11, the price of the US currency closed down with S / 3,713, reported the Central Reserve Bank of Peru.

In the economic field, the BCRP reported that the trade balance registered a monthly surplus of US$ 1,030 million in January 2022 and, accumulated 12 months, one of US$ 14.7 billion. Likewise, exports totaled US$5,269 million in January, 16.2% (US$734 million) higher than those of January 2021 as a reflection of the high prices of metals and the recovery of activity.

The latest report from the Satellite Mining Monitoring with Radar Images (RAMI) platform revealed four new sources of illegal mining in Madre de Dios, not only threatening the native communities of Puerto Luz and Barranco Chico, but also the area of buffering of the Tambopata Reserve and agricultural areas within the mining corridor.

On the other hand, the number of hospitalized by COVID-19 falls nationwide. This statistic is similar to that of April 2020, when the first wave began, says data analyst Juan Carbajal. Similarly, Carbajal explains that as of March 11, there were 1,562 people hospitalized due to the effect of the coronavirus, which exceeds the 1,348 of April 18, 2020, but is less than the 1,682 that the Minsa registered on April 19. April of that same year.

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