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LIVE exchange rate: price of the dollar TODAY, Sunday, March 13

LIVE exchange rate: price of the dollar TODAY, Sunday, March 13

Check the price of the dollar in Peru today, Sunday, March 13, 2022. The greenback remains at a price of S / 3,705, reported the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP), after the close of the day on Friday, March 11. As for the management of peter castle, this is the lowest value of the US currency. According to the portal Bloombergthe exchange rate is S / 3,7043.

As for the parallel dollar, this can be found at S/ 3,690 for the purchase and S/ 3,730 for the sale. The central manager of Economic Studies of the BCRPAdrián Armas, explained that the fall of the currency responds to the strength of the Peruvian economy, together with the greater supply, the strong collection of the mining income tax, the supply of dollars for tax payments, among other factors.

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BCRP: trade balance presented a surplus of US$ 1,030 million in January 2022

The Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) reported that the trade balance registered a monthly surplus of US$ 1,030 million in January 2022 and, accumulated 12 months, one of US$ 14.7 billion.

Thus, exports totaled US$5,269 million in January, 16.2% (US$734 million) higher than those of January 2021 as a reflection of the high prices of metals and the recovery of activity. The exports of copper, zinc, molybdenum and iron reported by Sunat have been complemented with reports from the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) for those companies that, having made shipments, have not yet regularized them in SUNAT.

Inflation would be above 3% at the end of this year, due to the war between russia and ukraine, according to the estimates of Enrique Díaz, founding partner of MC&F Consultores. For this reason, in the coming months, citizens would see a increase in the price of basic products. “The fuel it is one of the goods that has a chain effect, it automatically influences everything that is transportation and the entire basic basket of people”, explained the economist.

At the end of this week, in Peru there was an increase in the prices of fuels derived from Petroleumas a consequence of armed conflict in Europe. In the Los Olivos district, Petroperú gasohol 90 went from S/ 15.50 to S/ 18.67 in one week. In Arequipa, this input could exceed S/ 20, while Primax gasohol 95 was priced at S/ 20.79 in Comas and more than S/ 22 in Chiclayo.

Source: Larepublica

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