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Entrepreneurship to care: guardians of healthy life

The protagonists of these stories are young people who found an opportunity where most see problems. Their stories show that creativity is the main resource to start a business.

The dumbbell man

the feet of Jerson Velasquez Riva They rest on a black dumbbell that has a green number three written on one of its sides. There are more than 20 stacked against the wall ready to be delivered the next day.

For almost two years, Jerson has been making this training equipment and selling it primarily through Facebook Market Place and Instagram.

It’s almost five in the afternoon and he’s just returned from delivering orders scheduled for today. This time he had to go from San Martín de Porres, where he lives, to La Perla, Surco and La Victoria. While resting from his interprovincial tour, he remembers the day he had the idea of ​​making homemade dumbbells and selling them.

“I was bored, the quarantine had just started and I couldn’t go to the gym,” he says.

Faced with the possibility of seeing his daily exercise routine interrupted, he searched the internet for tutorials to continue his fitness life from home and at the same time generate some economic income. So she found in Instagram a rustic cufflink post at a Mexican resort. At that moment, without imagining it, the story of Rough Fitt.

With the last S/ 50 he had left in savings, he bought the materials he needed: cement, crushed stone, a steel tube and spray paint. With the supplies he made two pairs of dumbbells.

Tempting fate, he put them up for sale on Facebook. The response from those interested was immediate and that same day she sold both items.

“When I came back from delivering the first one, I found that someone else was interested in the other one,” he says.

For those sales, he obtained S/ 130, a new capital that he invested in the purchase of materials to increase his offer.

On the floor that is covered by a green carpet, some dumbbells still hold the smell of fresh paint. Each one is inscribed with a number indicating its weight. There are from 6 kg pairs that are sold at S/ 35 up to 60 kg whose price is S/ 180. However, the ones that predominate are the 10 kg ones, which are sold at S/ 70. “The 10 kg they are the most requested”, he indicates.

In the medium term, Jerson evaluates expanding his business and moving it to Trujillo where you have made sales when you were visiting.

For now, it is focused on the capital market where its clients range from young people who want to exercise at home to gyms.

His income, among other things, is invested in university pensions, he is in the VIII cycle of Business Administration.

friends of the planet

When Victor Hugo Toledo returned from Chile in 2018 after three years, he discovered that almost 90% of Peruvian consumers wanted healthy and eco-friendly products.

“A market study showed that the 89% of Peruvians wanted to consume healthy products and that within the beverage line they were looking for new products”, he mentions.

So, next to Paul Orosco and Sergio Ramirezfriends he met when he was a student at the Agrarian University of La Molina, launched the line of natural juices Hoop.

“Our juice is basically oriented to cover two demands of the current market, to have a natural product that is good for the consumer and at the same time that it is good for the planet”, says Víctor Hugo.

The food engineer highlights that his product is packaged in a glass jar that allows it to be reused. What is part of his commitment to preserve the environment and insert a culture of recycling in society.

The same year of its launch, in 2018, Jugos Hoop was recognized as a model company for sustainable entrepreneurship by the NGO Glass Better Planet owned by Owens Illinois.

“We were selected at the regional level and we represent Peru”, Toledo emphasizes.

Currently, in the local market, Hoop products are found in the main supermarkets such as Wong, Vivanda, Plaza Vea and at the airport.

Among the main flavors, the colorada (strawberry, tangerine, orange), carrota (carrot, apple and orange) and almango (mango and basil) stand out.

Hoop juices. They met when they studied at UNALM. Photo: Hernán Torres

Keys to creating an online presence

To generate an online presence in an enterprise, it is essential to create a corporate email with its own domain, the Donweb platform suggests that it have a simple name and a provider that has some support.

Another key is to create a web pagethe site must have an interactive design where information and products or services can be displayed.

The last key is to spread strategically using the practices of SEO positioningin addition to social networks and personalized emails to spread news and promotions.

Rough Fitt. The quarantine forced Jerson Velásquez to look for alternatives to continue with his exercise routine and at the same time generate income.

Source: Larepublica


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