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Chavimochic: expectation for meeting of Pedro Castillo and congressmen to unlock works

Chavimochic: expectation for meeting of Pedro Castillo and congressmen to unlock works

As the prime minister, Aníbal Torres, had stated, the unlocking of the Chavimochic works is on the Executive’s agenda, so in La Libertad they hope that the meeting will be confirmed for this Friday, March 11, in the morning, between President Pedro Castillo, congressmen and authorities of this region, in order to be able to evaluate the feasibility of restarting Palo Redondo, which has been paralyzed for more than five years, generating millionaire losses.

“It is good that the unlocking of Chavimochic was mentioned in the vote of confidence speech, now we hope that the Executive moves from speech to action. This meeting is planned in the Palace to see if there is really the interest of the Government”, the representative of the Association for Sustainable Agricultural Development (ADAS) of La Libertad, Yuri Armas, told N60.

The members of ADAS pointed out to the congressional commission devoted to the reactivation of said project that the Executive must act immediately and suspend the reading of the arbitral award; as well as that the sentence is known, since in this way it will be avoided that the contract with the concessionaire expires and is prosecuted, actions that if proceeded would have as a consequence 4 or 5 more years of paralysis.

It is very dangerous, because if the sentence is awaited, what will happen is that, if it is unfavorable to the State, the prosecutor has the obligation to prosecute the issue. If it is unfavorable to the concessionaire, the general manager in defense of his employers has the obligation to take the process to the Judiciary, and we know how long that takes.”, he explained.

Parliamentarians from La Libertad requested a meeting with President Pedro Castillo to seek a solution to the unlocking of Palo Redondo. Photo: Hector Acuna


The Regional Development Agency of Freedom (ARD – LL), which brings together institutions from the four helixes, the State, business, academia and organized civil society from the La Libertad region, calls on the Ministry of Agrarian Development and Irrigation (Midagri), current grantor representing the State Peruvian before the Concession Contract of the III Stage of the Chavimochic Special Project (PECH), to request that it urgently make the decision to restart its construction activity, operation, maintenance and projected agricultural expansion.

“From the ARD – LL, we consider that the decision to wait that the Peruvian State has chosen is wrong from every point of view. In this regard, we urge the parties (both Midagri and the concessionaire) to address the urgent need to agree and request by consensus the postponement of the reading of the arbitration award for 180 days, in order to find in that period the best way out to restart the execution of the III stage of the PECH, for the benefit of the thousands of families that depend on agriculture along the liberteña coast, the population of Trujillo, the economic and social development of La Libertad and Peru”, indicates the statement made by this organization.

millionaire losses

The manager of the PECH, Edilberto Ñique, recalled that Peru stops receiving around 2 million dollars per year due to the stoppage of the works of the III stage and the non-completion of the Palo Redondo dam.

“With the completion of the Dam, 150,000 jobs will be created, the irrigation system of 30,000 hectares will be enabled, US$ 1.3 billion will be obtained annually in additional foreign currency and US$ 450 million in additional private investments, S/ 100 million family income, as well as the supply of drinking water for 100% of the population of Trujillo and districts,” Ñique Alarcón told La República.

Palo Redondo Dam is 70% complete and works have been paralyzed for 5 years. Photo: Jairo Diaz

Source: Larepublica

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