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Dollar LIVE: look at the exchange rate TODAY, Tuesday, March 8

Dollar LIVE: look at the exchange rate TODAY, Tuesday, March 8

The updated dollar price In Peru today, Tuesday, March 8, the purchase is located at S/3,746 and the sale in the parallel market and the main banks of the country is S/3,760. The green ticket starts the session at S/ 3.7225; as reported Bloomberg.

The previous day, on Monday, March 7, the exchange rate closed with a value of S / 3.7250 as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

Meanwhile, the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFPs (SBS) recently raised the maximum coverage of the Deposit Insurance Fund (FSD) to S/ 116,284, the official amount of which will apply for the March-May 2022 quarter. It should be noted that the FSD rose by S/ 647 with reference to the previous quarter, when it was at S/ 115,637.

On the other hand, within the framework of International Women’s Day, the National Civil Service Authority (Servir) prepared the study “Women in the Peruvian civil service 2022″which reveals that during 2020, the year in which the COVID-19 pandemic began, women, in percentage terms, had a similar participation in the labor market than in 2019. Along these lines, five out of 10 public officials are women, while in the formal private sector only three out of 10 people.

Likewise, Sunafil recalls that wage discrimination based on the sex of workers is a very serious offense. In 2021 alone, 168 audits have been carried out on companies that would have discriminated against their workers with remuneration. Of that total, 158 correspond to complaints. As a result, 71 inspections ended in infraction acts, which are in the sanctioning administrative process.

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Oil prices and raw materials rise more

Oil prices are on the rise on the prospect of a ban on Russian crude imports.

Schell also announced that he will stop buying oil and gas from Russia.

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