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Fonavi: what do the Executive and Congress propose so that the return of contributions becomes effective?

Fonavi: what do the Executive and Congress propose so that the return of contributions becomes effective?

Last Wednesday, the Executive Power approved a bill for the immediate return to the contributors of the National Housing Fund (Fonavi), as a counterproposal to the autograph observed by the government referring to the same issue that was approved in the Congress of the Republic.

Although the Executive’s project has not yet been officially presented, the head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), Oscar Graham, explained that, if this measure is approved, the FONAVISTAS would receive between S/ 420 to S/ 700 as payment on account; however, if the former contributor demonstrates that the State’s debt is greater, he will also be recognized.

The differences

The autograph of Congress that was observed by the Executive on February 11 allowed the contributions made by the worker, employer and State to be returned, which amounted to just over S/ 42,000 million when updating the price index to consumer (CPI) of July 31, 2020, according to the Government.

The amount raised by Fonavi. Source: PCM.

This initiative was ratified by the 1.8 million Fonavistas who have been waiting for their money for more than two decades, as they indicated that this was in line with the ruling of the constitutional Court (TC), which specifies that the State must return all Fonavi resources.

Luis Luzuriaga, president of the Federation of Fonavistas, said at the time that, if the social debt is paid, each ex-porter would receive an average of S/ 15,000. However, said amount would depend on the contributions made, the level of salary received and time worked. Some could even get up to S / 20,000 back.

It should also be noted that, between January 2005 and November 2019, a total of S/ 1 million 346,794 was returned to 1,084,598 fonavistas.

However, with the Executive’s proposal, on average phonavistas they would receive from S/ 420 to S/ 700 as payment on account, since only the contribution made by the workers would be returned, which amounts to S/ 6,684 million.

However, the owner of the FEM He clarified that, if the former contributor demonstrates that the return should be greater, the State will also recognize it.

What is coming?

The Economy Commission of the Congress of the Republic has scheduled for next Wednesday, March 9, the observed autograph referring to Fonavi. According to Luzuriaga, the president of said working group announced that they will insist on the total repayment of the social debt, leaving aside the government’s proposal.

If the insistence in the Economy Commission is approved, it must also be ratified by the Plenary of Parliament for its subsequent publication in the official gazette. A Peruvian man.

Meanwhile, the Executive has the power to file an action of unconstitutionality before the initiative. However, sources close to the Constitutional Court told The Republic that this would be dismissed as there are at least two magistrates in favor of the total return of contributions.

“The Executive would have to have five votes out of six. I don’t know if they would make it. Despite having four votes, they couldn’t reach it,” the source said.

Source: Larepublica

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