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MVCS has 19 Tax Works projects on the agenda for more than S / 808 million

The Minister of Housing, Construction and Sanitation, Geiner Alvarado, reported that its portfolio has a portfolio of 19 sanitation projects in Tax Works (OxI) for more than S / 808 million, the same that have a private company interested in financing them, and whose prioritization is being managed.

During the event “From Commitment to Action: Prospects and opportunities for Tax Works as an engine of growth and social welfare”, organized by the Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (Proinversión), the minister said that this package of projects will benefit more than 140 thousand inhabitants.

Only in Áncash there are five of these projects. Meanwhile, in the regions of Lambayeque, Cajamarca, Lima, Cusco and Tacna, there are, respectively, two in each; while, in Loreto, Pasco, Puno and Junín, there is a project for each department.

In the same way, Alvarado López affirmed that the head of the Ministry of Housing has a portfolio of 50 Tax Works projects in sanitation and urban infrastructure, which are under promotion, so that private companies are interested in financing them. These projects will require a total amount of S / 1,450 million and could benefit around one million inhabitants.

“This portfolio of projects is focused on closing gaps in water and sanitation and urban and rural infrastructure, which reactivates the economy, generates direct and indirect jobs and improves the quality of life of its beneficiaries,” he said.

MVCS: award of works for taxes

The minister Geiner Alvarado He highlighted that, since this mechanism was implemented, the MVCS has managed to award five Works for Taxes projects, of which four are already under execution. The total investment amount is S / 293 million and the beneficiaries are more than 47 thousand people.

“We are convinced that private investments provide concrete benefits to all citizens. That is why we encourage them, as long as they respect the environment, improve the quality of employment and promote technology transfer, ”said Minister Geiner Alvarado.

Ministry of Housing: What is works for taxes?

The Works for Tax mechanism allows private companies to finance and execute high-impact public projects in favor of the population. The Public Treasury returns the investment to the private company through certificates that can be used to pay your income tax.



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