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Chavimochic: investments will go to other regions if Palo Redondo is not completed

Chavimochic: investments will go to other regions if Palo Redondo is not completed

The Chamber of Commerce of La Libertad (CCLL), through the president of its Industry, Poultry, Livestock and Related Companies Committee, Alfonso Medrano Samamé, reiterated the importance and, above all, the urgency of ending the Palo Redondo Dampart of the third stage of the Chavimochic Special Project (PECh), because, otherwise, the investments will go to other regions.

“We urgently need the Palo Redondo dam to be completed. The representative of the concessionaire, Alfonso Pinillos, has said that, if an agreement is reached, on his part there is the greatest willingness to start soon; in eight months they would already be working on completing less than 30%, what is missing from the dam”, he highlighted to journalists.

Medrano said that it stops exporting 1,000 million dollars a year. Photo: CCLL

The director of the CCLL mentioned that the stoppage of the works on the dam, since 2016, makes investments migrate from La Libertad. “It is happening that we are going to plant grapes and avocados in Olmos (Lambayeque), despite the fact that we have opted for Chavimochic, we have bought land here, because we want the best for our region; however, what we don’t have here is enough water and we can’t move forward like that,” Alfonso Medrano emphasized.

In addition, he emphasized that the unblocking of the works in Palo Redondo requires a lot of political will and the stagnation means that La Libertad stops exporting each year between $800 million to $1 billion.

Source: Larepublica

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