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E-commerce: follow these key tips to position your business online

E-commerce: follow these key tips to position your business online

Internet has become the platform and the opportunity for businesses and enterprises to increase their sales, with greater strength and speed as a result of the pandemic of the coronavirus, which transformed the way of doing business without physical contact and gave way to eCommerce.

Now, micro and small businesses (mypes) no longer only have to worry about having a presence on the web, they must also ensure that their sales are executed quickly, safely and that they meet the demands of their customers.

Currently, more than nine million Peruvians made a purchase online by 2021, estimated the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL). That number is expected to continue to grow through 2024, according to data from Americas Market Intelligence (TO ME).

For this reason, Caja Trujillo shares five key tips to increase sales and position your business:

– Digital presence

Currently, it is necessary that your products or services that you offer have a digital window. Social networks are a great channel that will allow your brand to reach more people without the need to invest in it.

– Personalize your attention

Offer your customers an experience that is consistent with your brand and what you want to communicate. From the moment someone contacts you until the purchase is completed, take care of the details of the attention, the speed of answering and the tone in which you communicate: everything influences the purchase decision.

– Show security

If you have your own delivery or choose to outsource this service, show your audience that you have everything you need to make a safe delivery. This will increase the confidence of your potential clients when choosing your service.

– Digital payments, a great ally

The use of cash is being used less and less. Use digital payment channels, in this way you will protect your client in the presence of the new variants of COVID-19.

– Make offers

Offering discounts or holding an online raffle among your followers will allow both your brand and your products to have more exposure. Choosing your best-selling product or service and drawing up a draw will allow a potential customer to experience the brand and recommend it.

Source: Larepublica

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