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Fuel prices rose by more than S/ 1.60 per gallon

Fuel prices rose by more than S/ 1.60 per gallon

So far this year, the reference prices of fuels published by Osinergmin presented an accumulated increase of up to S/ 1.63 per gallon, such as diesel B50-2500 ppm that went from S/ 9.82 on December 27 to S/ 11.45 this week. Meanwhile, on taps it is quoted between S/ 13.67 and S/ 19.40.

For its part, the reference prices of gasoholes 97, 95, 90, 84 rose by S/ 1.01, S/ 0.98, S/ 0.95 and S/ 0.87, respectively (see infographic).

The upward trend is in line with the international level. The price of Texas oil (WTI) increased by US$20.25 in the same period. And it is that on December 31, 2021 it closed at US$ 75.21 per barrel, while on February 14 of this year it reached US$ 95.46, its highest level since 2014.

Gustavo Navarro, former General Director of Hydrocarbons, explained that both international oil prices as the data provided by the Osinergmin are related, albeit with a difference of at least two weeks.

In this sense, the specialist hydrocarbons He mentioned that the reference values ​​published weekly by the supervisory body are the average of the last 10 prices in the international market.

In this way, taking into account that the prices are made from Monday to Friday, the external prices take two weeks to be transferred to the local Osinergmin report. And the latter take between two and three days to be collected “by market agents” and in the following week of publication they are reflected in local marketing prices (taps).

The various prices offered by the faucets can be consulted on the Osinergmin Facilito portal. Photo: The Republic

Boost Factors

According to Navarro, at this time of year, fuels tend to rise in price because winter in the northern hemisphere increases the demand for “products used to heat, such as LPG, gas and diesel.

However, he highlights that this year two factors have been key for oil to rise in price exponentially. “The main factor has been the tension generated in the world by the possibility of a military confrontation between Ukraine and Russia. That meant an increase in (oil) reserves in all countries,” he mentioned.

While the second trigger is that various countries in Europe and Asia have relaxed the restrictive measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, which translates into greater tourism movement and, therefore, greater demand.

prices on faucets

The minimum price of a gallon of gasohol of 97 in metropolitan Lima is S/ 15, at the Filse SA tap in Comas, and the maximum is S/ 21.59 at the Global Fuel SA taps in San Isidro and Miraflores, according to the Facilito portal of Osinergmin.

In the case of 95 gasohol, it is quoted between S/ 15.77 in La Victoria and S/ 20.75 in San Martín de Porres. While the lowest value of gasohol of 90 is S/ 14.97 in San Juan de Lurigancho, and the highest is S/ 19.61 in Ancón.


Free. The reference prices do not consider the taxes of internal application such as filming, ISC and IGV.

Result. Reflects variations in international prices of liquid fuels.

Source: Larepublica

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