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Prices of school supplies rise between 30% and 40%

The value of the supply baskets increased by an average of between 30% and 40% in the school campaign in Mesa Redonda. This as a result of the increase in the cost of imports, according to Román Nazario, vice president of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs and Merchants of the wholesale center.

In this way, the basic school baskets cost an average of S/ 180, the intermediate ones at S/ 270 and the more specialized ones at S/ 500.

Thus, the increase in prices in Mesa Redonda is reflected in establishments that sell school supplies at retail, as is the case of the Rosita bookstore located in the Pueblo Libre district, where most items have had a variation of between S/ 0.50 to S/ 4.00 in relation to pre-pandemic prices.

Macarena Ramírez, representative of the bookstore in question, details that, for example, before they bought colored pencils for S/ 50 a dozen, now it costs S/ 68 (+36%), and that rise ends up moving to the prices they sell per unit.

He also explained that the Stanford or Norma brand notebooks that used to cost an average of S/ 5.00 are now sold around S/ 6.50.

The same goes for bond paper. In 2019, the lowest priced package of 500 units was sold at S/ 11.00 and now it is about S/ 14.00.

However, the largest increase is found in the group of products that contain plastic such as micas and vinifans. “The legal-size unit of vinifan that we sold before the pandemic at S/ 8.00 is now at S/ 12.00,” Ramírez commented.

Meanwhile, products with less variation are the pencils and pens that have risen about S/ 0.50 per unit.

Expectations in Round Table

The return to the classroom after two years of virtual learning generates expectations both in students and parents as well as in businessmen and merchants of uniforms and school supplies.

In this sense, Román Nazario points out that the sale of school supplies before the pandemic moved between S/ 15 million to S/ 16 million per day in Mesa Redonda.

The outbreak of Covid-19 and the subsequent suspension of face-to-face classes caused this figure to shrink. For this reason, from the wholesale shopping center they are optimistic about the return of students to the classrooms in order to reactivate the sector. The businessman estimated that this year the total collection in the school campaign would be S / 450 million, which is equivalent to about 70% of the pre-pandemic figure.

Reactivation and sale of school uniforms

For her part, Susana Saldaña, president of the Gamarra Perú Business Association, stated that the school uniform category is the only one that continues to be 100% paralyzed in the commercial emporium of La Victoria.

“For us it is very important that face-to-face classes start, because they will help us reactivate the sector,” he commented. He added that the estimated reactivation for the item is “at least 30%.” According to Saldaña, the school uniform sector is the one that generates the largest workforce, with around 5,000 jobs among those who work in the workshops and those who sell the garments.

On the other hand, he highlighted that Gamarra’s offer includes daily school uniforms and physical education schools national and private. The prices of blouses and shirts start at S/ 10.00, while pants are sold between S/ 15.00 and S/ 20.00.

“A complete uniform costs an average of S/ 50.00 and includes everything from socks to sweaters,” he specified.

Keys to buy school supplies

To avoid excessive expenses in the school campaign, the first thing that should be done is a list of the products that will be purchased, says the BCP.

The financial entity also recommends defining the budget that will be allocated to the purchase of school supplies in order to know the exact amount provided for these purchases.

The third key is compare prices, this can be done by visiting the establishments in person or through digital platforms.

Source: Larepublica


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