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Midagri demands that Congress put on the agenda a second agrarian reform bill

On his first working tour of the interior of the country, the Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Oscar Zea Choquechambiasked the Congress of the Republic to discuss the so-called second agrarian reform bill, in order to achieve greater attention to the problems of small producers.

During the First Regional Agrarian Summit in Arequipa, the minister said that the president of the Parliament, María del Carmen Alva, should schedule the project for debate, and thus forward President Pedro Castillo’s flag proposal as soon as possible.

Exports reached historical levels in 2021, leveraged by Ica, Arequipa and Áncash

In this sense, he affirmed that Midagri will seek to complement the work of small, medium and large producers and exporters to evaluate the new demands in the sector, currently occupied by the international fertilizer crisis and the debate around tariff fences.

“What we need is that the small producers and community members of the mountains and jungle, together with the medium and large exporters, must sit down and complement (the work) to push the second agrarian reform. We must do it together,” he noted.

Midagri: gaps in agriculture

In his speech, the head of Midagri stressed the importance of raising the profitability of small farmers in the field. He explained that, for example, a potato producer must plant a hectare and invest S / 8,000, but would need to harvest 8 tons to recover the investment.

The Government’s proposal is to provide support in the field to achieve harvests above 40 tons, under international standards, and then transfer the experience to coffee, rice and other producers.

“I am convinced that we are going to work to close gaps (in agriculture), and we are determined to do it with you to achieve that unity, and not separately. We are committed to agriculture and this is not only a speech, but we will go to specific issues in favor of men and women who know the problems of the field”, said Óscar Zea.

Source: Larepublica

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