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Jose Carlos Forero: “Achieving the dream of your own home is more relevant than ever”

What is the situation of the Mivivienda Fund?

Achieving the dream of your own home is more valid Proof of this is that, despite being in a pandemic, we will end 2021 exceeding the goal established at the beginning of the year.

What was the goal?

We planned to place 12 thousand credits MiVivienda; however, we will be above 12,500. And in Techo Propio, we are disbursing approximately 35 thousand bonds, and they will become a home in the short term. With the growth in the budget that the Executive gave us for the remainder of 2021, we are going to end up with some 13 thousand more homes paid in Family Housing Bonds from the Techo Propio program. This will make more property developers opt for social programs. Therefore, people should be calm thinking about the dream of a decent and quality home.

What are the programs that you carry out?

The main product is the new MiVivienda loan, which is a mortgage loan whose main attribute is the Good Payer Bonus. It means that when you are going to buy a home, from any financial institution, you can request one with the new MiVivienda credit and you would have the benefit of a subsidy; that is, the initial fee is reduced, which ranges from S / 10,000 to S / 25,000. And if the housing project is certified green, that is, ecoamigable because it saves water and energy, it has an additional subsidy of S / 5,000. This reduces the level of indebtedness if you bet on a MiVivienda loan.

And in your own roof?

There is the Family Housing Bonus as the main attribute. The Executive, through the Ministry of Housing, gives us the subsidy to serve the population that needs it most with the modalities of acquiring new housing, and also the modality on your own site, when you have the land and an operator can build the House. We give them the subsidy for them to build it.

What are the requirements to achieve these benefits?

For the new MiVivienda credit, that to date the family does not have a home, must be evaluated by the financial institution, they must not have received any support from the State in relation to a home. The requirements for Techo Propio are similar, family oriented and the maximum income can be up to S / 3,715.

At some point it was said that there were no resources for the Family Housing Bonus. This is so?

Yes there are means for the Techo Propio program. This small incident a few months ago was simply an administrative matter in which the Executive had to transfer the funds to us, but I want to give the reassurance that we do have the funds to continue granting the subsidy; and peace of mind also for real estate developers that they continue to bet on Own Roof and continue developing real estate projects to access the new MiVivienda credit. In addition, the Government is very focused on this sector to give more housing to Peruvians.

And how is the housing supply in the country?

There are more than 50 thousand registered homes, certified as green, nationwide. Also almost 20 thousand focused on Techo Propio, also with a projection in the country of more than 30 thousand for next year.

What is the average price of homes?

There was no price increase in the sectors we serve. In the case of MiVivienda, it is up to S / 437,000, and in Techo Propio it has a limit of S / 109,200 as the maximum home value. In that segment it did not rise, despite the fact that the price of construction materials obviously rose. The effort of real estate developers not to raise the price significantly allows us to have the results that we have. As of October 21, there are almost 1,200 loans disbursed, which leads us to think that the sector has been reactivated very well and helps the economy keep moving and makes price stability have been maintained over time.

Where to turn?

I invite you to enter our social networks to see the updated offer. We have almost 70 thousand homes on offer in different projects and people could choose which one they prefer and see if they access the subsidies. I invite you to bet on a home because it is the best investment that can be made.


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