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Dollar in Peru: exchange rate closed down and stood at S / 3.8520

The price of the dollar closed lower and stood at S/ 3.8520 in the operations of Friday, February 4. The greenback started the day at S/3.8684, as reported by the Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP).

In this way, the value of the US currency fell 0.20% compared to the close of Thursday, February 3, when it reached S/ 3.8600. To date, an accumulated variation of -3.48%.

The purchase in the parallel market was located at S/ 3,835 and the sale at S/ 3,875. As for the price of the dollar in the windows of the main banks, it is located at the purchase of S / 3,848 and the sale of S / 3,898 in the Credit Bank of Peru (BCP), according to the portal Dondeestaeldolar.

During the day, the issuing entity placed an Interest Rate Swap for a term of 9 months for S/ 50 million at the average rate of 4.10% and a Currency Repo (Regular) for a term of 1 month for S/ 200 million at the average rate of 4.05%.

According to Bloomberg, the sol is the only currency in the region that appreciated in the with an advance of 0.37%.

“In monetary policy Peru has done quite well, the US does it abruptly. Velarde corrected from last year, what happens to the markets is that since this is abrupt it will cause these volatilities and these things that have happened yesterday and today. Although it has been a very busy week for Peru, that has had very little impact,” said Omar Azañedo from Noncash.

Source: Larepublica

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