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Bimbo on irregular decision in Indecopi: “The company will abide by what the authorities decide”

As a result of the journalistic complaint of the newspaper La República, about an alleged irregular favor to the company Bimbo by the Indecopi, the Mexican capital bakery assured that its operations comply with Peruvian food legislation, as in all the countries where it is located.

“Bimbo follows all the regular channels and complies with all the provisions, standards and regulations in each of the countries where it operates. The company will always abide by what the pertinent authorities decide ”, he indicated through a press release.

In July 2019, Indecopi officially opened an investigation against the Bimbo company for not recording the respective octagon of “trans fats” in its rimless white bread product. The sanction, which arrived in January of this year, was dismissed last September by Indecopi’s Specialized Chamber for the Defense of the Consumer, where officials linked to the National Society of Industries (SNI) preferred to apply the United States law over the Peruvian.

“Bimbo Peru does not have any kind of relationship with Mrs. Silvia Hooker (a committed official, appointed by the former president Pedro Pablo Kuczynski in 2017), either in her capacity as an Indecopi or SNI official, “said the bakery.

For the Chamber that still integrates Hooker in her capacity as vice president, octagons should only be placed if the product exceeded 0.5 grams of trans fat per serving, as required by a now-defunct FDA regulation. This meant in recent days the entry of the Ministry of Health (Minsa) to the case to challenge said resolution, as well as an investigation by the Comptroller of the Republic to the regulatory body.

“Our daily commitment is to support the correct nutrition of Peruvian families and to feed a better world,” stated the company.

Bimbo must clarify if it changed its formula

Lawyer Jaime Delgado He argued that the Bimbo company must clarify if it still maintains the same formula that was the subject of a sanction two years ago, or if it only changed it after the favorable ruling of the Hooker court. In any case, he warned that this represents a “terrible precedent” for future similar cases, to the detriment of the Peruvian Healthy Food Law.

“In 2019, the Bimbo white bread version declared 0.7% Trans Fat, in 2021 it declared 0% trans fat. We wonder, have they reformulated their product? If so, good for them and the consumers. Or is it that now they declare 0%, despite the fact that they contain them, because that is how Indecopi has authorized them in its recent resolution, which allows, based on a North American FDA standard, to declare it as zero if it has less than 0.5 grams per serving? ”, he stressed.

This medium tried to obtain a response from Bimbo to clarify the fact, but until the closing of the edition did not find a further response.


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