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Osinergmin: almost a thousand gas leaks a month in Peru since the pandemic began

At least 13,486 gas leaks and 2,577 short circuits They were registered between March 2020 and July 2021, reported the Peruvian General Fire Department (CGBP). In addition, the authority warned that although the consumption of electricity and gas bottles (LPG) has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, these can represent a danger to life and materials if they are not used properly.

The information was released by the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinergmin) and the General Fire Department of Peru, institutions that alerted the population about accidents involving electricity and gas cylinders.

Along these lines, Osinergmin pointed out that many homes use an adapter or “gas outlet” to boost the amount of gas in the burners. However, this is highly dangerous “because gas at an inadequate pressure could pass into the hose and cooker, causing leaks,” he said.

To prevent gas (LPG) leaks, the pressure regulator must be taken into account, which is connected to the balloon. The authorities recommend that users use the “knob” regulator (known as premium) since it gives greater security than the “red lever”.

Osinergmin and the Firefighters also recommend the following to the public:

  • Buy the ball in a formal place and require that it be in good condition, without dents or corrosion.
  • Never put the balloon inside a cupboard or in confined spaces, because in the event of a leak the LPG will not dissipate.
  • Use hoses designed for liquefied petroleum gas. They have the word GLP written on them, as well as the month and year of manufacture.

Osinergmin: prevent short circuits

To prevent electrical accidents, they recommend having facilities in good condition. “For example, grounding, the thermomagnetic switch that cuts the current in the event of overloads and the differential switches that protect people’s lives against possible electric shocks,” they indicated.

Likewise, Osinergmin and the Fire Department warned that it is dangerous to overload electrical outlets and use poor quality extensions “they can generate short circuits and fires. The recommendation is to use “surge suppressors” and extensions with thick, double-sheathed cables known as vulcanized cables, “they indicated.

In addition, they reported that Any revision or change in the electrical installations must be carried out by a specialist.


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