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Restaurants would recover up to 60% in sales due to the elimination of the curfew

The Minister of Health, Hernando Cevallos, announced the elimination of the curfew throughout the country starting tomorrow.

In this line, the president of the Peruvian Association of Hotels, Restaurants and Related (Now Peru), Blanca Chávez, pointed out that this will allow expanding service hours in establishments, which would push a recovery of 40% to 60% of industry monthly sales.

“At night there is a greater public in restaurants. People in Lima are used to going out at 8:30 pm onwards. These hours represent 40% and in some cases up to 60% of their monthly sales (…) With the elimination of the curfew, that would be the recovery. The moment does not help us much because of the covid, but there will definitely be a recovery, ”said the gastronomic businesswoman.

On the other hand, he asked for greater flexibilities to the sector to access financing and specifically requests that the grace period of Reactiva Peru’s credits be extended.