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They announce the return of the perfect consensual suspension

The president of the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), Carlos Canales, recently announced that an emergency decree is being prepared, in conjunction with the Executive Power, to extend the perfect suspension of work for a longer period.

“We are working on an emergency decree with ministers (Pedro) Francke (MEF), (Roberto) Sánchez (Mincetur) and (Betssy) Chávez (MTPE) to extend the perfect suspension of work for an additional eight months. That is, May 2022 ″, the Canatur leader remarked before the Foreign Trade and Tourism Commission of the Congress of the Republic.

This announcement coincides with what was indicated days ago by the Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism (Mincetur), Roberto Sánchez, who explained to La República that part of the business sector – in which Canatur is located – has proposed to the Executive various labor measures such as return of the perfect suspension and a new work regime for practitioners.

Only for tourism

Canales argued that such a measure might not be prudent in companies that are already fully operating, but in the case of tourism the reality is different, considering that it is one of the activities hardest hit by the pandemic.

“How do we go about incorporating 800 workers in perfect suspension from a hotel, for example, that has no passengers? How do you pay wages? That is why it is necessary to extend the perfect suspension of work in order to expand – little by little – the workers until there is a normal flow ”, he questioned.

“We have already been working on this emergency decree. We believe that it will come out this week because it is essential to avoid the bankruptcy of companies in the sector, ”said the head of Canatur.

This matter is presented a month after President Pedro Castillo ordered, through DU No. 087-2021, the end of the perfect suspension of work, which lasted until October 2.

Although it is necessary to emphasize that, in the opinion of various specialists, companies are still qualified to benefit from the perfect suspension of work only for acts of God and force majeure; this within the framework of the law of productivity and labor competitiveness.

Said law establishes that the SPL should only be given for up to 90 days, unlike the questioned measure already repealed carried out by Covid-19.

There is no decision

After the affirmations of Carlos Canales, the Republic learned that from the MEF they recognize that the return of the perfect suspension of work was proposed by the union and has been received, but the pros and cons must be evaluated, and that this concerns the Ministry of Labor or the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, which is the portfolio most related to Canatur.

However, authorized voices from the MTPE reported that the office of Minister Betssy Chávez is not working on this initiative, which contradicts Canales’ assertions.

The Republic communicated with the Mincetur, but the questions sent were not answered due to the possibility that the return of this measure would be presented by the minister in charge of the sector.

Likewise, there was no response from Carlos Canales to clarify the above.

National Labor Council returns

The Minister of Labor, Betssy Chávez, reported that The National Labor and Employment Promotion Council (CNTPE) will be reactivated next week. It should be remembered that this space brings together workers, businessmen and government authorities to seek consensual decisions on labor policies.

In addition, Chávez explained that his sector will implement “Dialogue Thursdays”, days in which they will meet in the mornings with workers and unions; while in the afternoons, with employers to “articulate a permanent dialogue with both sectors.”

On the other hand, the minister said at a conference that she proposed to the Council of Ministers the creation of a multisectoral commission to address labor issues in a transversal manner and that they are working on a comprehensive reform of Trabaja Perú, whose guidelines will be known next week.

The word

Carlos Canales, Canatur

“We are working on a DU with ministers (Pedro) Francke, (Roberto) Sánchez and (Betssy) Chávez to extend the perfect suspension of work for an additional eight months. That is, May 2022 ″.


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