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Las Bambas: work table in Apurímac goes now until April 12

The Presidency of the Council of Ministers (PCM) ordered that the temporary Working Group called “Space for dialogue for the development of the province of Cotabambas and district of Progreso of the province of Grau in the department of Apurímac”, designed to address the problem of Las Bambas, extend its validity until next April 12.

In this way, the Ministerial Resolution No. 015-2022-PCM arrives to modify the terms granted in Ministerial Resolution No. 264-2021-PCM, published on November 12, in which this group was given a lifetime of 60 calendar days, extendable for an additional period of 30 days calendar.

Thus, the initial period of 60 days arranged in November by the premier Mirtha Vásquez ended on January 12, and the additional 30 calendar days were due to expire on February 12. Now, 60 extra calendar days are granted (over the 90 of the previous resolution), with which the work table will end on April 12. With this, it rounds off 150 calendar days, 5 months from that signature after the resumption of the dialogue.

“It is appropriate to continue with the intersectoral and intergovernmental coordination and articulations necessary to achieve the object of the aforementioned space for dialogue (…) with the expiration of the period of validity of the Working Group created by Ministerial Resolution No. 264-2021-PCM approaching. , it is necessary to extend it until April 12, 2022, ”says the document.

It should be noted that, once the validity period has expired, the Technical Secretariat of the Working Group will have an additional thirty calendar days to present a final report to the PCM containing the results achieved.


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