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Partial solution between Chumbivilcas and Las Bambas

Last Wednesday, a total of 10 communities from Chumbivilcas, the mining company MMG Las Bambas and a commission from the Executive Branch reached an agreement with the intention of avoiding further roadblocks.

However, in the middle of the meeting, two communities, Hatun Ccollana and Tuntuma, were dissatisfied and did not sign the minutes.

Thus, they join the other four communities of Ccapacmarca that have not yet reached an agreement and They are evaluating the latest proposal put forward by the Executive Commission and representatives of the Las Bambas mining company on January 17.



According to the signed minutes, it was agreed that next January 28 the Working Group of the Chumbivilcas Special Attention Zone.

Likewise, in the minutes of the work meeting of subgroup No. 2, the company MMG Las Bambas undertook to finance each community with an amount of S/ 100,000 for social investment purposes while traveling through the corridor.

Meanwhile, at the work meeting of subgroup No. 3, on the evaluation of suppliers of goods, it was agreed that as long as the mining company uses the corridor to transport its production and supplies, it will integrate 14 trucks and 14 vans from the companies that will create the 10 communities of Chumbivilcas that signed the minutes. This offer was more beneficial than the previous one, in which 12 vans were offered.


For his part, the Ministry of Energy and Mines (Minem) will articulate with the Ministry of Production the development of training for companies in the communities that will be integrated into the company’s value chain. While, Cofide will train them on financing issues.


Daniel Colque, president of the community of Hatun Ccollana-Velille, told La República that they withdrew from the meeting because what was proposed seemed unfair to them, since they were only offered one tract (truck), when they requested at least two, due to having 23 kilometers from the mining corridor. “We withdraw and we are going to close the road. We are going to talk with the base, but we have clearly said that we are going to block”, the leader stated.

Ccapacmarca does not rule out blocking

Judith Cjuno, president of the Front for the Defense of the Interests of Ccapacmarca, reiterated to La República that the government has not reached any solution, and proof of this is that the dialogue practically broke down last Monday.


The leader stated that the four communities of the Ccapacmarca district are in permanent meeting and agreements will be made next week. However, he announced that they could adopt measures such as blocking the mining corridor.

They don’t say anything [el Gobierno], so we are free to make any decision as communities”, he warned.

Minutes of agreements


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