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ProCredit has provided $ 150 million in ‘green’ financing to sustainable projects

ProCredit has provided $ 150 million in ‘green’ financing to sustainable projects

Banco ProCredit has delivered $ 150 million in green credits (EcoCredit) to 1,490 sustainable projects among its clients. The figure was revealed on the occasion of the celebration of its 20 years in Ecuador. The bank, a member of the German Financial Group ProCredit, which has operated in the country since 2001, also indicated that to date it handles 25,000 active clients, with a total portfolio of $ 443.5 million, being the only 100% digital bank in the country.

According to Miguel Ebenberger, general manager of Banco ProCredit, in Ecuador there has been “a joint effort with clients, who through their companies they implement sustainable business models, invest in technology and innovation for the sectors, and generate sources of formal and dignified employment ”.

As for his loan portfolio, the 95% is intended for companies, 4% for housing and 1% for personal investment loans, evidencing the bank’s long-term focus, he said.

Among the bank’s notable milestones, its authorities have mentioned that its parent building recently became the first office project in Ecuador to obtain EDGE Advanced certification, saving 47% in energy and 33% in drinking water.

For example, him Banco ProCredit installed a photovoltaic generator on the roof of its parent building, thus obtaining an efficient source of electrical energy. According to Katarina Zdraljevic, head of the Bank’s Environmental Management Unit, “the system generates 10% of the electrical energy consumed by the building, which represents more than 30,000 kWh of electrical energy each year, and this will avoid the emission into the atmosphere of the equivalent of 5,825 kg of CO2, in the same period ”. (I)

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