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When does the closure of ports affect the price of fuel?

The Peruvian Navy ordered this Monday, January 17, the temporary closure of the activities tourism, nautical, recreational and artisanal fishing along the entire coastline as a preventive measure in the presence of abnormal waves due to the volcanic eruption that occurred 73 kilometers north of Nukualofa (Tonga).

However, the captain’s resolution does not include coastal or commercial vessels, so the measure would not have any effect on maritime trade in products such as petroleum-derived fuels.

Facing it, Gustavo Navarro, former director general of Hydrocarbons, mentioned for La República that when maritime commercial activities are interrupted 100%, in the case of fuels, its impact is not immediate.

In this regard, he pointed out the obligations that wholesale producers and distributors have to anticipate this type of inconvenience as established by the Supreme Decree No. 045-2001-EM, No. 01-94-EM and modifiers.

“The rule provides that companies must have (a monthly stock) minimum of fuel equivalent to five calendar days of its average sales of the last six months. The average stock must be 15 days of their sales in the last six months,” says Navarro.

The hydrocarbon specialist points out that the regulation includes liquid fuels except for LPG.

“In the case of LPG, it is a product that quickly enters a crisis if there is a suspension of several days of port operations,” he specifies.

According to Navarro, this is because there are three submarine lines that receive LPG in Callao, the same ones that belong to Petroperú, Sol gas and Zeta gas.

“Of these three terminals, when there is rough seas, the first to close are those of Solgas and Zeta gas, causing the ships to remain offshore and in three days the stock runs out,” he concludes.

In this sense, the Supervisory Agency for Investment in Energy and Mining (Osinerming) indicates that the agents that sell LPG from Supply Plants and that have their own or contracted storage capacity in the same they have an obligation similar to that existing for Liquid Fuels.

“However, by order of the General Directorate of Hydrocarbons of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, which has the authority to do so, the obligation to maintain Average Stocks of LPG is temporarily suspended, while the Minimum Stocks of said product temporarily are 3 days of the average dispatch of the last 5 months, “says the agency.

Ports that are currently closed

According to the National Port Authority, this Tuesday, January 18, the Port of Talara (Piura), the Port of Zorritos (Piura), the Port of Pacasmayo (La Libertad), and the Port of Eten (La Libertad) are closed at the national level. , Port of Malabrigo (La Libertad); as well as the Port of San Juan de Marcona (Ica) and the Port of Ático (Arequipa).


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