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Conglomerates and restaurants will serve 60%

The Government authorized raising from 40% to 60% the capacity for restaurants and commercial conglomerates in regions classified as high risk by the third wave of COVID-19. In this classification are Lima and Callao, among other provinces.

Through Supreme Decree No. 005-2022 published in the extraordinary edition of the newspaper El Peruano, The Executive made official the new capacities that will govern until Sunday, January 30 in these establishments.

In dialogue with La República, Susana Saldaña, president of the Gamarra Peru Business Association, considered the new government provisions to be positive. “It is important that it was decided to increase the capacity from 40% to 60% because unfortunately the production of our next campaigns was put in danger,” he said.

Also, he pointed out that They will continue to insist on their proposal so that “differentiated gauging” is carried out later taking into account the productive sectors.

“Productive sectors, such as clothing workshops, cannot be subject to the same capacity as stores or commercial spaces because they need a greater capacity so as not to break with the production chain. We suggest that the capacity in the clothing workshops can be raised to at least 80%, “he said.

For her part, Blanca Chávez, president of Now Peru, stated that the restaurant sector is not governed by the variation in capacity, but rather by the health protocols established for the sector, such as social distancing.

“The Vice Minister of Tourism told us that restaurants and casinos work with the protocols, and we adapt to that,” he commented.

In addition, he indicated that the measure that most affects the restaurant sector is the mandatory immobilization schedule.

“80% of restaurants work at night and most sales are during this time. The ideal for us is that there is no curfew ”, he pointed.


In the last conference of the monetary program, the central manager of Economic Studies of the BCRP, Adrián Armas, highlighted the response capacity of the private sector in the face of new wave scenarios, which could mitigate the possible negative impact.

“Looking at what has been the second wave at the time, a high response capacity has been observed on the part of the private sector,” he said.

Prioritize health in measures

From the health side, the former Minister of Health Víctor Zamora pointed out that taking into account that infections occur through the air, in poorly ventilated places and with crowds of people, the capacity in shopping centers and restaurants should have been reduced to so that the number of infected does not continue to take off.

Likewise, he indicated that the requirement of the three doses to enter an establishment should be advanced.


Susana Saldaña, businesswoman from Gamarra

“When they take these measures, the Government must consider that Gamarra is not only a commercial emporium, but also one of high production. They must listen to reality.”

Víctor Zamora, former Minister of Health

“The economy is recovering and that has already been shown, but we are not going to be able to recover the more than 200,000 deceased. I am a doctor and I am going to vote for health.”


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