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Sunass begins process so that Sedapal does not raise rates for water cut in SJL

In order to verify the affected rights of the users of San Juan de Lurigancho Due to the cut-off of the drinking water service in last September and October, the National Superintendency of Sanitation Services (Sunass) reported that a verification of the Lima Potable Water and Sewerage Service (Sedapal) had begun.

Likewise, it pointed out that it carries out this initiative so that “the company carries out the invoicing corresponding to that period, complying with the provisions of the law.” These control actions also contemplate the verification of the rate structure for the drinking water and sewerage service.

The supervision period includes the months of September and October 2021. According to the press release, they would serve “users affected by the interruption of service and who would have high billings.”

Sunass communicated that the meters that have received maintenance will be supervised in order to guarantee the registration of the consumption of the supply is carried out in adequate conditions and the users pay according to the services they received.

Sunass: attention to affected users

In addition, Sunass reported that he met with the leaders and residents of the Los Jardines urbanization in the San Juan de Lurigancho district who were affected by the water cut in September.


Through micro-audiences, as part of the ┬íParticipa, Neighbor! Program, users “had the opportunity to expose their disagreements and raise their doubts and queries about the billing and payment receipts for the water and drinking service,” they pointed out.

Currently, if there are complaints from users, they must present it directly to Sedapal. If the answer is unsatisfactory, you can present the right of appeal to Sunass “to be resolved through the Administrative Tribunal for the Settlement of Claims for Users of Sanitation Services (TRASS),” he reported.


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