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In two weeks they deliver a bonus of S / 350 to 65 thousand farmers with less than two hectares

Good news for the country’s small farmers. The Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Víctor Maita Frisancho, announced the delivery of a bonus of S / 350 for farmers who work the land on less than two hectares. The announcement was made during his participation in the program LR + Economía de La República, which airs from Monday to Friday at 9:05 a.m.

Maita specified that it is a productive bonus, a direct support to farmers, and that it bears the name of Wanuchay (pay), which will benefit more than 65 thousand farmers in the country.

This new bond will imply a budget of S / 23 million and from today the beneficiaries must register with the Decentralized Public Organizations of the ministry, so that the delivery of the economic aid is completed in two weeks.

Minister Maita also announced an emergency decree, which establishes a economic subsidy of between S / 350 to S / 1,300 for farmers, which in total will imply a budget of S / 250 million. This will allow the support of the State to carry out the agricultural campaign. “Farmers are summoned to approach agencies thanks to decentralized public bodies to register,” invited the minister in LR + Economía.

Another announcement by the minister was that they already have in their portfolio the proposal for an emergency decree that will be delivered to the Ministry of Economy and Finance so that the price of fertilizers can decrease to S / 100. “Unfortunately, the fertilizers at S / 220 and it is important to guarantee food security and this agricultural season ”, said the minister.

“This is important to guarantee the agricultural season for 2021-2022 and to guarantee above all food security and avoid food shortages in the country,” said the minister.

At another time, Maita Frisancho, recommended to Peruvians not to lower their guard. This is due to the increase in infections, which is why he recommended to continue feeding ourselves with healthy, ecological and organic products to face Covid-19.

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