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Iberdrola will invest 7,000 million in a wind farm in the United Kingdom

This announcement comes weeks after Iberdrola will threaten to paralyze its investments in the State, because it opposes the measures adopted by the Spanish Government to stop the continuous increase in the price of electricity.

Iberdrola plans to invest an additional 6 billion pounds (7,090 million euros) through its British subsidiary Scottish Power in the construction of the East Anglia Hub offshore wind farm (England), as the British Government advanced today in a note.

This announcement comes weeks after the president of Iberdrola, Ignacio Sánchez Galán, affirm that the company its entire investment policy in Spain was rethought and warned that only with a “stable and predictable” regulatory framework for energy would investments in the State continue.

The East Anglia wind farm, of which the first phase has already been built, will serve to provide “green” energy to 2.7 million homes in the United Kingdom and will create 7,000 jobs, the British government said in a statement. He stressed that the necessary permits are still being processed to give the final green light to the next phases of the project.

Sánchez Galán has assured that Iberdrola “shares the ambition” of the British government’s plan to promote the development of renewable energy sources. “Given the stable and predictable framework of the United Kingdom, we are committed to playing our role,” he said in a note released by the London Executive.

“Our £ 6 billion investment in the East Anglia Hub would be a significant step towards ensuring that there is enough offshore wind to power all UK households by 2030,” he said.

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