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They propose that workers have a greater share of profit sharing

Workers would have a greater share in the distribution of company profits, according to a legislative proposal of the congresswoman, the congresswoman of Together for Peru, Isabel Cortez Aguirre.

Through her Twitter account, the congresswoman stressed that she is presenting the bill “To recognize our participation in the management, profits and ownership of the company, among other measures”, he remarked.

According to the bill N ° 456/2021-CR, measures are established that guarantee the enjoyment of labor rights regarding the participation of workers in the utilities and retirement by modifying articles 2 and 3 Legislative Decree No. 892. As well as the right to work, freedom of association, strike, collective bargaining and access to justice.

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In detail, regarding article 2, referring to the workers who participate in the profits of the company, through the distribution by the latter of a percentage of the annual rent of taxes.

The percentage would be the following:

– Fishing companies 10%.

– Textile companies 10%.

– Telecommunications companies 10%.

– Industrial companies 10%.

– Mining companies 10%.

– Wholesale and retail trade companies and restaurants 8%.

– Companies that carry out other activities 5% and agricultural companies 5% between 2021 and 2023, 7.5% between 2024 and 2026 and 10% from 2027 onwards.

The project specifies that it is necessary to make a distribution of the percentages of profit distribution according to the workers in order to make it democratic. “It is proposed that 75% of the total profits that correspond to workers be calculated based on the days worked. While the remaining 25% must be calculated on the amount of the remuneration received ”.

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Finally, it points out that compliance with these measures would be controlled and supervised by the National Superintendency of Customs and Tax Administration (Sunat) and the National Superintendency of Labor Inspection (Sunafil). This bill proposes changes in the labor outsourcing Therefore, “it is proposed to repeal the massive outsourcing of services, since it should focus only on specialized services that are provided without permanent staff displacement.”

In this line, the Congresswoman of the Republic, stressed that this This measure seeks to promote and guarantee greater participation in the profits of companies in the mining and agro-export sector.


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